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Improved Housekeeping by Microfiber Mops

Aamir Md. Sheikh

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The secret to shiny and dust free floor in 5 star hotels!

Housekeeping - hotel lobby with marble floor

In my younger days, I have worked for a five-star hotel in New Delhi for a few months. I was just a college pass-out at that time and had no prior work experience. So I decided to join as soon as I got the opportunity to work at that glamorous place with a shiny building and poshest location of the city. The first few things that mesmerized me were the huge chandeliers, beautiful capsule lift, and shining floor of the lobby in 5 star hotels!

Man entering hotel lobby with his luggage. Car parked in the background

Since I was posted at the front-office, I found it amazing how the housekeeping staff maintained the flooring area of highest footfall. One person out of the housekeeping staff was assigned to keep the lobby area clean and dust free. He was always armored with a mop (probably a dry synthetic mop) and used to move the mop artistically on the floor during his whole shift to keep the floor shiny. I came to know the importance of dry mop in the hotel industry in the later stages of my career when I worked with an organization related to cleanliness and hygiene.

What is traditional dry mop?

Nowadays you will mostly find regular blue colored acrylic dry mops used in hotel lobbies and other common areas, this dry mop is made of acrylic fiber with a variety of backings. This type of mop is also popular as a ‘dust control mop’ and is commonly available in sizes 45, 60 and 80 cm. These mop heads can be attached to a wire frame of similar size.



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Advantages and Disadvantages of Acrylic Dry Mop!

Now we come to the critical analysis of this product. Considering the importance of dry mopping in most of the properties in the hospitality segment, it has now become a traditional housekeeping product and remains in demand as it has some positives but also many disadvantages. We will assess the pros and cons of the product:


Availability: This mop head is easily available in the market. Every supplier and store dealing in housekeeping supplies keeps a stocks of such mops and refills.

Low Cost: One of the major reasons for preferring this type of dry wipe is the lower cost of refill, or you can say the market perception that blue acrylic refills are cheaper.

Common Size: Since this type of mop is universal in size, people can easily find refills that fit their existing mop frame.



Shabby looks: Such mops look shabby and worn out in a matter of days and are not suitable for areas where there is movement of VIP guests. Overall, such mops do not go with the image of elite properties like star category hotels.

Limited usage: Limited use: Since it is made of acrylic fiber, it is limited to handle dry dust only. If in any case some wet liquid gets in the way of this mop, then it cannot absorb the moisture but spread.

Fibers on floor: It loses threads and fibers on the floor. Just Within a few days of usage the floor can lose threads and fibers which is degrading in case of star category hotels.

Short Life: While people are buying this product at a lower price but not saving money as it has a short life and ultimately not as cheap as it looks.

What is best replacement of housekeeping acrylic dry mop?

When we talk about the impressive floor maintenance, Microfiber Mop are the best in the segment.

High dirt carrying capacity: Technically talking, nothing can replace a high-quality Microfiber Mop like @SpringMop or @XYZ which have the great dirt-carrying capacity and most suitable for dry mopping of finished floors like Wooden Flooring, Italian Marble, Vitrified tiles, Granite, and other polished stone flooring.


Useful for damp mopping as well: You can use the same mop for regular damp mopping and cleaning as well, they can carry up to 600% water of their weight but still the floor dries very quickly.

Deep cleaning: You can touch and feel the deep cleaning effect once those 10 to 18 mm long Microfiber Weaves with 0.6 denier have been through the deeps of the chosen floor and lift away each dust particle and contaminants. It’s worth mentioning here, that the term “microfiber” technically applies to the fiber that is equal to 1.0 denier or smaller. So smaller the denier, more effective the microfiber.

Different size and shapes: Microfiber mops are available in different sizes and shapes in the world, but most popular sizes are 40cm, 50cm, 60cm and 75cm from which you can opt as per the flooring size and conformability of the user.

Various frames: There are commonly two types of frames available for such Mops, Flat Frame and Velcro Frame. So you can choose either pocket or Velcro version of the Microfiber Mops as per the frame. Some companies like @Springmop can supply different types of microfiber mops suitable to all kind of frames you have.

Are Microfiber Mop costly?

The first impression about microfiber mops is that its costlier in comparison to the regular mops, but when you start using the same you will realize that it’s not only comfortable to use them, but they have a greater life which also improve the productivity, save man-hours and cleaning chemicals too..

Hence the effective cost of the microfiber mop is much lesser than assumed. You can wash them regularly as such mops are having up to 500 washing cycles.


After all the studies about both types of mops following is the comparison chart of Acrylic Dry Mop and Microfiber Mop heads:

Comparison Factors

1. Availability

2. Compatibility

3. Cost

4. Impact on dry dust

5. Damp Cleaning

6. Deep Cleaning

7. Composition

8. GSM

9. Variants

10. Pocket type

11. Life

12. Washing Cycles

Acrylic Mop Refill


1. Easily Available in the market

2. Common size is 45, 60 cm., Some companies are supplying size 80 cm and bigger.

3. Initial cost is lower.

4. Moderate impact, as dust carrying capacity is lower. Actually a floor dusting tool.

5. Not effective at all.

6. Not effective for deep cleaning, for superficial cleaning of finished floors.

7. Acrylic yarn

8. Not applicable

9. Normally same blue mop head is available in market.

10. Two pocket design suitable for wire frames.

11.Short life, also loose shape and impact with time.

12. Up to 100 washing cycles.

Microfiber Mop Refill


1. Better to shop online from sites like @Hygienedunia or @Global Enterprises

2. Various sizes, but the common size is 40cm. Specific sizes available at @Global as per MOQ

3. Long life, hence ultimately economical. You can get huge discounts if you buy from manufacturing company in bulk.

4. Amazing dust carrying capacity. Once the dust is collected by it, does not fall off easily.

5. Can be used for damp mopping if fibers are small, they can carry up to 600% water of their weight.

6. Having fiber below 1.0 denier lift away each dust particle and contaminants.

7. Various ratios of Microfiber and PES.

8. 700 to 850 GSM as a standard

9. Some brands have wide range of the Microfiber mop with different fiber size (as per applications) and color codes.

10. Available in Pockets – for Smart Folding Frames. With Velcro Pocket – for Flat Frames, and Velcro Backing – for Velcro Frame.

11. Longer life with consistent result.

12. Up to 500 washing cycles

Ready to get started!

Amazing fact! Microfiber mop is available at almost the cost of a branded synthetic mop or flat mop; this is the right time to move to microfiber mop.

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