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Hand drying is just as important as hand washing. Hand drying not only removes the moisture and makes them feel clean but also ensures that the microorganisms from the skin are reduced.

Proper hand drying can prevent these harmful elements from re-establishing in the skin. In fact, research shows that damp hands can spread up to a thousand times more germs than dry ones, especially when many people share a common wash area. The chances of contamination increase when someone touches a high contact surface with wet hands.

Hand washing in residential and commercial premises has multiplied 5 to 10 times in recent months; hence the process for drying the hands. Most of us underestimate the importance of hand drying after every hand wash, which is as essential as hand washing.

We need to understand that even after you have thoroughly washed your hands, there are still very few bacteria left in hands or nails and with wet hands, the same can be easily spread.

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