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Next time you’ll have fun cleaning your toilet

Aamir Md. Sheikh

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Learn how to clean your toilet with ease!

As far as cleanliness is concerned, the most important part of your home is your washroom, you visit your washroom more than once to refresh and update your body hygiene. Obviously the washroom and its fittings should be the most hygienic and clean. Unfortunately, in most cases the maid never cleans the toilet.

In such a situation, you have two options, either do the toilet cleaning yourself or call a professional team for periodic services of cleaning your toilet. Normally, you start with the famous toilet cleaning liquid and maybe another helpful tile cleaner, but you never achieve the level of cleanliness and shine as shown in TV commercials, even after following the instruction provided on the packing!

Today I will tell about all the major cleanliness and hygiene issues of your washroom and explain how to identify and solve all such problems. To clean your toilet with ease, you need to know about the toilet cleaning liquids and tools used by professional teams and also learn tricks on how to use them without damaging your toilet’s fittings.

have fun cleaning your toilet - hygienedunia blog
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What are the key issues of cleaning your toilet and wash areas?

Before going through the process, equipment and other tips for cleaning and disinfecting areas like toilets, let us see what are the cleaning problems we face in washroom:

Wall tiles and ceilings:


Soap scum

Water scale marks

Electrical fixtures:

Dust deposits on tube lights and bulbs

Dirt and smudge on the exhaust fan

Taps and bath fittings:

Soap scum build up

Dullness due to hard water marks

Glasses and mirror:

Cloud buildup due to hard water

Soap splatter marks

Dispensing units:

Soap scum and finger smudges

Inside cleaning of dispensers

Shower curtains:

Mildew on shower curtains

Wash basin and bath tub:

Soap scum build up

Water scaling

Chocking of drain

Toilet and urinal seats:

Mineral deposits (White or grey spots)

Yellow bowl stains

Red rust stains

Other color marks

Flooring tiles:

Water scale and dirt accumulation

Grout discolor by damp and mildew

Hard to reach corners:

Mineral build-up

Mildew development

Drainage line:

Partial or complete blockage

What type of equipment and liquids are needed for complete cleaning and disinfection of toilets and bathrooms?

complete cleaning and disinfection of toilets and bathrooms

So now we are clear what should be on our priorities for cleaning your toilet and sanitizing the washroom. But before proceeding with the cleaning work we have to be ready with the necessary tools and liquids:


  • Check duster
  • Microfiber hand glove or duster
  • Wet floor mop or floor duster
  • Cleaning sponge
  • Plastic scrub
  • Toothbrush
  • Small and large bucket
  • Plastic mug / measuring mug
  • Dust pan
  • Hand Gloves
  • Spray bottle
  • Hand scrubber
  • Toilet brush
  • Nylon brush
  • Floor brush or broom
  • Wet and Dry Vacuum cleaner if available


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What is the right process of toilet and washroom cleaning?

After you are ready with all the equipment and liquids, you also need to make sure that the washroom you are going to clean is empty. It is better to shift the extra stuff to another bathroom or wash area, otherwise there will be a hindrance in cleaning the washroom properly. Also remove the shower curtain if they are not very heavy or difficult to handle.

While cleaning your toilet you should keep in mind all the areas which I have mentioned above. But the cleaning should be “application wise and not area wise”. This will help you use the same type of equipment and liquid in a particular time:

Cobweb and Dust: Always starting from the top, clean the cobwebs and loose dust mites with a cobweb brush or microfiber glove. Be aware of possible loose fittings as they can fall down when dusting.

Tools: Cobweb brush / Microfiber Brush or glove

Cleaning Liquid: None

Shower curtain cleaning: Over time, mildew accumulates on the shower curtain and gives a dirty look. Since many shower curtains are heavy, people avoid cleaning them regularly. You can spray OSSOM S1 Liquid and scrub with a manual brush to remove mildew marks. You can also use bleach or a hypo cleaner if the regular cleaner is not effective.

Tools: Spray Gun, Hand brush

Cleaning Liquid: Multisurface Bathroom Cleaner

Grout cleaning: This is very important for bathroom cleanliness, as it is quite visible and unhealthy. The reason is simple, germs and bacteria settle and grow in the grouting of tiles. Be it floor tiles or wall tiles, the grouting should be cleaned every time you do a deep cleaning of the toilet.

Tools: Check Duster/Microfiber Cloth, Spray Gun, Hand brush, Toothbrush

Cleaning Liquid: Multisurface Bathroom Cleaner

Grout cleaning with Multisurface Bathroom Cleaner ossom s1

Soap scum and stubborn dirt: Now we come to cleaning soap scum marks in different areas, you can target stubborn dirt in washroom as well. You need to make sure the product is not overly acidic and safe on tiles and marble. If the cleaning liquid has disinfection features like S1 Multisurface Bathroom Cleaner, it will be much better. This cleaner will also remove the mildew on the tiles. You should also aim for hard to reach corners during this phase.

Tools: Check Duster/Microfiber Cloth, Spray Gun, Hand Scrubber/Plastic Scrub

Cleaning Liquid: Multisurface Bathroom Cleaner

Electrical Fixtures and Exhaust Fan: I assume that bathroom electrical fittings and exhaust fans will not be as dirty as kitchen ones and can be cleaned without dismantling. But if to remove the exhaust fan and to know the process visit my blog about kitchen cleaning. For regular cleaning you can use a hard surface cleaner or even a glass cleaning liquid according to the recommended dilution ratio.

Tools: Check Duster/Microfiber Cloth, Spray Gun, Toothbrush

Cleaning Liquid: Hard Surface Cleaner

Drainage chocking: After a period, the drain pipe also becomes clogged with non-disposable particles and hair, which slows down the rate of water drainage. It is recommended to use a drain opening liquid to avoid major problems at some stage. All you have to do is pour the liquid and after some time flush with water.

Tools: Plastic Mug

Cleaning Liquid: Drain Opener / KDO

Mineral build-up or water scaling: Such scaling marks can develop anywhere in areas such as bathrooms or wash areas, where water accumulation is common. If the water is hard, there is an increased chance of mineral buildup in every part of the bathroom. To clean such marks or deposits, you will need a high quality degreasing liquid such as Ossom WSR.

Tools: Spray Gun, Hand brush / Plastic scrubber

Cleaning Liquid: Multisurface Bathroom Cleaner or Water Scale Remover

Glass and mirrors cleaning: Whatever you do to clean the washroom, dirty glasses and mirrors can spoil the image of the bathroom as they are the most visible and reflective. For long-term effectiveness, use a non-ammonia and fog-resistant glass cleaning liquid. You can also buy glass cleaning kit for all such applications in your home and office.

Tools: Check Duster or Microfiber Cloth, Spray Gun

Cleaning Liquid: Glass Cleaner Concentrate

Glass and mirrors cleaning with ossom s3 - hygienedunia

Taps and fittings: Shiny taps and fittings are a must for a washroom. Since they are the most commonly touched and exposed to water and soap lather, they lose luster over time and soap scum build-up is also very common. Most fittings are chromed and sensitive to chemicals so you should clean them carefully. Do not use any acidic liquids on them, even in case of descaling, start with the diluted version prescribed by the manufacturer. You can also opt an easier option like OSSOM SSP, which is excellent for removing dirt, residue, fingerprints, water spots, and other marks from such metal surfaces.

Tools: Check Duster/Microfiber Cloth, Spray Gun, Toothbrush

Cleaning Liquid: Multisurface Bathroom Cleaner / Water Scale Remover / SS Polish

Taps and fittings cleaning with ossom liquid cleaners by Hygienedunia

Dispensing units: Nowadays we not only use dispensers for liquid soap, but also install multi-tank dispensers for shampoo, conditioner and body wash etc. When cleaning them you should know how to open the lock, avoid using excessive force which could damage the locking part. Most ABS dispensers can be cleaned with diluted cleaner but take special care of SS dispensers; microfiber wiping with neutral cleaner is recommended for the stainless steel body of the dispenser. Acidic cleaners can leave permanent stains on such dispensers.

Tools: Check Duster or Microfiber Cloth, Spray Gun

Cleaning Liquid: Glass Cleaner Concentrate

Wash basins and bathtub: As long as washbasins and bathtubs do not have yellow or red marks and have only traces of soap smudges, they can be easily cleaned with a plastic scrubber with a Multisurface bathroom cleaner. In case of hard water marks, you can use Descaler Liquid or for other stubborn marks you can go with Hypo Cleanser as per recommended dilution.

Tools: Spray Gun, Hand brush / Plastic scrubber / Tooth brush

Cleaning Liquid: Multisurface Bathroom Cleaner / Water Scale Remover / Drain Opener/ Hypo Toilet Cleaner

Toilet Seat and Urinal Cleaning Liquid by Ossom - Hygienedunia

Toilet Seat and Urinals: Finally, we come to the most sensitive part of the washroom – toilet bowl. If the toilet bowl or urinal bowl isn’t glowing, it can sabotage the entire effort. Usually you have a blue colored toilet cleaner which is just good enough for regular cleaning but not effective in all the cases that I mentioned at the beginning of the blog. This forces most people to transfer to the acidic cleaners, which corrodes the top layer of the ceramic and renders it useless. I do recommend hypo based cleaners as they are chlorinated cleaners and produce little fume but are very effective on most types of spots and suppress bad odors instantly.

Tools: Toilet brush / Liquid Applicator

Cleaning Liquid: Toilet Cleaning Liquid / Hypo Toilet Cleaner

Tips and Precautions during toilet cleaning:
Tips and Precautions during toilet cleaning - Hygienedunia Blog

Ensure cleaning the area under rim of the toilet bowl with hockey shaped brush this will ensure to clean off mineral deposits in and around the water jet.

Don’t use metal scrubber/steel wool, which can leave permanent scratch marks on surfaces. Similarly, pumice stone can also damage surfaces, if used vigorously.

Never mix bleach or other products like ammonia or vinegar in any branded cleaning liquid. It can react badly and cause damage to the skin or eyes.

Never use toilet bowl cleaner on other surfaces, you should only apply such liquid to the inside of the bowl.

Interesting fact:

Do you know, why the toilet is also called “throne” or “throne room“?

You can assign yourself the task of a particular section or area for clean a kitchen, like on one day you can plan the oily exhaust fan and chimney and on the other day you can plan the refrigerator and other appliances and so on. You can also create a calendar to plan the cleaning of different parts of the kitchen.

King Louis XIV (King of France 1643–1715)

Actually, the word “throne” is a euphemism related to King Louis XIV (King of France 1643–1715), who for different health reasons was always found in the lavatory instead of his usual throne and carried out his royal activities like conducting court sessions, from the bathroom.

why the toilet is also called throne or throne room

No, he was not spending time in the washroom to take a bath! In fact, in his entire life of 77 years he took bath only 3 times. Some historians confirm that he often went to the toilet 15 times a day because of a laxative problem.

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