Kitchen Care

Time to break the illusion – going on for 7 generations!

We have grown up listening to our mothers that we should never use commercial products for cleaning our kitchen as they are not safe!

To break those myths here is a special line of cleaning products designed and offered by OSSOM® EnviroCHEM® specifically for kitchen cleaning applications. These products are safe and will not damage your kitchen equipment and accessories, as will many other cleaning products. These products will easily meet your complete kitchen cleaning needs.

This safe and high-performance range of kitchen cleaners includes a wide range of manual dishwashing liquids, oven and grill cleaners, surface sanitizers, and drain openers.

Now you have a choice of convenient and economical 2 Liters and 5 Liters packs as per your monthly requirement at home or office.

Time to prepare your Kitchen Cleaning supplies list now!

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