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How to clean a kitchen like pro? Learn some advanced tricks!

Aamir Md. Sheikh

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Clean a kitchen is obviously a tough task compared to daily cleaning of other parts of the house! The reasons can be many, such as deep cleaning of the kitchen is not “regular wiping” and you do such cleaning comparatively after long intervals or just before the festivals. Just within a few months, walls and other surfaces become oily and covered with sticky grease, especially if you have not installed a kitchen chimney.

If you are keen to get your kitchen professionally cleaned but also don’t want outsiders to enter your kitchen, then you need to learn the process and secrets of professional cleaning which will be useful for life long and you will pass-on these tips to the next generation.

First, let’s understand what kind of cleaning problems a standard kitchen has?

If your kitchen is not cleaned thoroughly, it not only looks shabby but also smells bad and also invites many unwanted bacteria and pests. You need to target the following areas of your kitchen for a deep clean:

Kitchen Storage Areas:

Kitchen cabinets – A variety of stubborn dirty marks darken kitchen fittings, which over time lose their original texture.

Storage Shelf – Not only cleaning, complete sorting of stored material is necessary after every few months.

Electrical Appliances:

Appliances like microwave and refrigerator – If not cleaned regularly, a lot of bacteria and pests can grow and form colonies around these appliances.

Smaller appliance like mixer, grinder and coffee machine – It is not possible to clean them deeply but external cleaning of these appliances is necessary at the time of deep cleaning.

Most Greasy Areas:

Exhaust Fan – It gets dirty with sticky and greasy deposits and starts making noise, it can stop working if not cleaned.

Gas Stove – Oil as well as burnt food/tea/coffee etc. spilled on the stove becomes stubborn over time.

Chimney – Oil and grease substances stick to the filter which reduces the suction power of the chimney.

Walls and Platforms:

Walls – Viscous grease on tiles and other vertical surfaces makes the whole kitchen look dirty and dark.

Counter Tops – Oily and greasy surfaces along with other food marks on platforms and counter tops give a messy look to the kitchen.

Kitchen Sink – Most overlooked but extremely important part of the kitchen. If it is clogged it can create a mess in the area. Many pests enter through drain pipes and also multiply under the sink area.


Floor Skirting – Skirting may have been invented to protect walls from splashes, but we always forget to clean them.

Floor cleaning – Though the floors are cleaned regularly but during deep cleaning of the kitchen they become extra dirty and require special cleaning at that time.

Garbage Bins – Another overlooked part of the kitchen is the trash can; No wonder we hesitate to clean them but it is important to keep them clean and sanitized.

What preparation is needed to plan a complete kitchen deep cleaning?

Planning is essential before starting a deep clean. If you go for cleaning without any help, you may get tired before you finish the job and you may end up sitting amongst all the containers and utensils around you. It would be better to select an area or segment and do a deep clean!

Pre-cleaning preparation:

Music – A favorite playlist can help motivate you during the hard work of cleaning the kitchen. Music can be motivational, Indian classic or soothing song but it should motivate you.

Trash Bag – Since you will need to sort out items during a deep clean kitchen, you may have to discard a lot of products from the kitchen, so be prepared with a large trash can, a cardboard box, and garbage bags.

Tools and Cleaning Liquid – Cleaning supplies are the key part to every cleaning, we have recommended in this blog a set of tools and fluids needed for each type of cleaning.

Extra space – If you’re going to be clearing out storage areas or the refrigerator, you may need a larger area to hold stock and possibly space in your neighbor’s fridge. May this be the best time to break the ice!

Step by step kitchen cleaning list of material


Check duster

Microfiber hand glove or duster

Wet floor mop or floor duster

Cleaning sponge

Plastic scrub


Small and large bucket

Plastic mug / measuring mug

Dust pan

Hand Gloves

Spray bottle

Hand scrubber

Nylon brush

Floor brush or broom

Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner, if available


Alkaline Based Degreaser

Hard Surface Cleaner cum Sanitizer

Glass Cleaning Concentrate

Oven and Grill Cleaner

Kitchen Drain Opener

Stainless Steel Polish

Cleaning Supplies while cleaning her apartment - Hygienedunia
Clean a kitchen cabinet and shelfs

To clean any area, you have to make sure that the area is empty, otherwise it wouldn’t be called a deep clean, as you might miss cleaning some of the areas that were actually the dirtiest.

1. Clear the shelfs and cabinet: Remove the stored groceries from the shelf or pantry area, you can keep it in the wash area or balcony to sort out the useful things. You should discard expired products that have been occupying the cabinet for years.

2. Donate or Share: Keep a box handy for things you want to share with your maid or donate to someone in need.

3. Cleaning of Shelf: Clean the cabinet shelf and replace the used liner, if you are using newspaper or some other paper products, I would suggest to move to transparent sheets which don’t get dirty and can be wiped easily.

Such sheets are available in the form of transparent notebook covers in roll form at stationery stores. You can also buy non-adhesive EVA shelf liners available online. Don’t forget to clean the cabinet glass with glass cleaning liquid and a spray bottle.

4. Replacements: Replace the broken containers or some other containers which have lost the caps. Airtight containers are always better for the kitchen.

5. Organize: After deep cleaning you have to organize shelves and cabinet. If the product is not visible or unrecognizable, you can prepare some tagging on the shelf as well as on the containers. If you don’t have stickers you can use masking tape made of paper, you can write with a permanent marker for longer visibility.


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Cleaning of Kitchen Appliances

There may be various electronic devices in the kitchen, some can be cleaned only from outside but some of them need to be cleaned deeply. Some important home appliances are deep freezer, refrigerator, oven and microwave. You should follow these steps for clean a kitchen appliances:


1. Proactive action: As far as storage devices like deep freezers or refrigerators are concerned, you will have to be proactive, as some of the things stored in them may get damaged or loose during the cleaning period. You can take the help of neighbors and ask them to keep such products in their freezer.

2. Safety: Make sure that during cleaning such equipment is not connected to the electrical panel and that there are no children around. A standard refrigerator has a variety of metal, plastic and glass fittings. Make sure all these fittings are kept in a very secure location in case they are taken out and cleaned in the wash area or sink.

3. Sorting and placement: In case of storage devices like refrigerators, the process of emptying and sorting shall be applicable. You will be surprised to see some waste products occupying precious space during this process. Remove all ice trays and other molds from the freezer area and clean them as well. Put all cleaned fittings and sorted materials back in their proper place.

4. Outside cleaning: The cleaning of the outside should be done in the last. However, if you have any top cover or cloth material or any PU material that can be washed before cleaning. Remove all excess stickers from the body of the fridge and discard the broken magnets as well.

5. Cleaning the back and bottom: Be sure to clean the refrigerator from the back and bottom as well, you may find uninvited insects and cobweb at these places.

6. Microwave cleaning: If you clean the microwave as well, carefully remove the fitting and place it in the safest place. Clean them with a sponge and a safe hard surface cleaning liquid.

7. Other appliances: In the same session, you can clean small appliances like mixer grinder, toaster and coffee machine etc. You have to make sure that you are not using metal scrubs or any harmful chemicals while cleaning the equipment. Also try to minimize moisture when cleaning electrical appliances and don’t use them until they are completely dry.

Clean Kitchen Chimney, Exhaust, Oven and Stove

Many a times we start with cleaning the platform and gas stove and then move on to cleaning the exhaust fan fitting or chimney, this leads to the mess on the kitchen platform and the floor below. To avoid doubling the cleaning job, always start from the top!

Cleaning a gas stove with kitchen utensils, household concepts, or hygiene and cleaning.

1. Specific Cleaning Product: Regular soapy water cleaning or regular all-purpose cleaning liquid do not perform well in both exhaust fan and chimney cleaning applications. You can use special cleaners for this type of application, such as oven and chimney cleaners.

2. Exhaust fan cleaning: In the case of the exhaust fan, it is better to dismantle it before cleaning and soak the non-electrical parts in a solution of Oven cleaning liquid and scrub clean after few hours. The exhaust fan’s motor cover can be cleaned with turpentine commonly available at hardware stores, use an old toothbrush and clean the area carefully, but don’t go too deep to avoid damage to motor and other electrical parts.

3. Pre-cleaning of oven and grill: First, spray the cleaning chemical on the toughest greasy grime in these appliances like ovens, gas stoves, etc. and give them time to work. When cleaning your kitchen fireplace or oven, make sure that the cleaning liquid does not contain caustic soda and is non-toxic. Using caustic soda for such equipment is very harmful. During this time ensure cleaning of cobwebs of the kitchen also.

4. Chimney cleaning: For chimney cleaning, remove the oily baffle filter and soak in 2.5 liters of hot water for a few minutes and then add the cleaning liquid according to the recommended dilution ratio. You can keep these filters in the mix for 2 hours for better results. After which you can scrub the filter with a nylon brush and then wash under running water.

5. Outer area of chimney: For cleaning the outer area of the chimney, you need different dilution ratio, you can add 10 ml to 1-liter ratio of the same chemical and clean the outside area. Avoid electrical parts and panels that can be damaged if proper protection is not provided.

6. Oven and Grill Cleaning: The cleaning process for ovens and grills will remain the same, but make sure these appliances are disconnected from the electrical board and not hot. Remember that we have already sprayed oven and grill cleaning solution as a pre-cleaning process and by now the area is ready to be scrubbed with a nylon brush or scrub.

7. Gas Stove Cleaning: By this time the gas stove sprayed with liquid is also ready to be cleaned. You can scrub it better with a nylon scrub and remove stubborn black marks. You can soak gas stove stands in a mixture of oven and grill cleaner before cleaning.

Kitchen walls and platforms cleaning

Most of the kitchens have vitrified tiles on the kitchen walls, which are washable; but since the kitchen is always full of various appliances and utensils, we do not get a chance to wash these vertical surfaces. Similarly, platforms are cleaned superficially but we do not clean them deeply and the corners and grouts of such areas get occupied by fungus and bacteria. Let’s do a deep clean this time:


1. Vacate the area: Cleaning walls and platforms is not as difficult as appliances, but you must have free space before cleaning. You should remove all excess items before cleaning the area.

2. Select the liquid: Don’t jump in and start cleaning with the scrubber. First, you need to assess the level of dirt and choose the right cleaning liquid accordingly. If it is very greasy and has sticky grease like your oven or exhaust, you should use oven and grill cleaner otherwise you may opt degreaser.

3. Process: Spray or spread warm water on the surface with the help of a sponge, this will help the cleaning liquid to loosen the dirt quickly. After 15-20 minutes of applying cleaning chemical you can scrub with a nylon scrubber and remove the dirt. Repeat the process on the areas where greasy dirt is still visible. Avoid using steel wool or a scraper, which can damage the surface.

4. Clean kitchen sink: Since the sink is mostly adjacent to this area, it can be cleaned at the same time. Flush it with hot water and use the drain opener KDO to open the clogged hose pipe if it is choked.

5. Shining: You can also use stainless steel shiners for kitchen ss bodies after completing the cleaning process. Please do not start cooking immediately after using the steel shiner as some products contain flammable ingredients.

Floor Cleaning

Most of the time the kitchen is on the same floor and mostly connected to the living room. The kitchen floor has been wiped down along with the other floors. Look, you can’t leave the floor behind when you’re deep cleaning the entire kitchen. Here are some tips that you can include in deep cleaning of your kitchen floor:

Clean a Kitchen Floor Cleaning Housekeeping and cleaning concept. Hygienedunia

1. Spot cleaning: After cleaning the floor and applying a basic mop, first target stubborn marks on the floor, whether they are traces of fungus or oily greasy marks on the floor. You can cover them with a cloth soaked in a degreasing liquid of a pure form of floor cleaning liquid. Make sure that people are not moving in the area during the process which could lead to accidents.

2. Floor Skirting cleaning: Secondly you can target the floor skirting which gets dirty from mop splatter and various leaks in kitchen, you have to clean the floor skirt with patla brush and hand scrub with diluted and foamy floor cleaning liquid.

3. Grouting: Grout cleaning is a process we don’t usually go through in the floor cleaning process, but a professional knows that germs and bacteria settle and grow in the grouting of tiles. Be it floor tiles or wall tiles, grouting should be cleaned every time you do a deep cleaning.

4. Trash bin: Fill it with diluted hard surface cleaner for 15 minutes and then scrub it clean. In fact, you should be cleaning the trash bin more often with a sanitizing liquid.

5. Ultimate mopping: Final cleaning should be done with an anti-slippery and antibacterial liquid which ensures complete safety of the kitchen. You can use wet vacuum cleaner if condition is too messy.

Concluding remarks for clean kitchen

Now you have seen the list of deep cleaning to be done and you can estimate the time and energy required for cleaning the kitchen. However, you can call the professional teams like Hygienedunia to clean the kitchen professionally, but if you are not calling the professional team nor any other manpower support – divide the work into different steps.

You can assign yourself the task of a particular section or area for clean a kitchen, like on one day you can plan the oily exhaust fan and chimney and on the other day you can plan the refrigerator and other appliances and so on. You can also create a calendar to plan the cleaning of different parts of the kitchen.

Never forget to plan and prepare well before embarking on home kitchen cleaning, as it is said that “Proper planning and preparation prevents poor performance.”

Ready to get started!

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