Microfiber Mops

The term microfiber technically applies to fiber that is 1.0 denier or smaller. The smaller the denier measurement, the finer and more effective the microfiber.

Thanks to SpringMop Microfiber making it superior which measures 0.60 denier.

SpringMop Microfiber Mops uses less water and chemicals, resulting in a reduction of the amount of water and chemicals handled and also eliminates the need to wring the heavy cotton mops again and again.

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The woven construction of SpringMop Microfiber fabric makes it strong and durable which lasts up to 500 times the washing cycle. The actual Microfiber is woven through the backing, the cloth will still look good after repeated launderings.

These High quality Microfiber Mops are having very good dirt carrying capacity and absorbs & hold 600% water of its own weight.

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