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The Online Hygiene Store.

Hygienedunia is one of the India’s leading cleaning solutions platform offering specialized and tailor-made professional cleaning products online.

The company also offers affordable and quality on-demand cleaning services and pest control services for various commercial and residential properties.

The hygiene dunia webstore interface is also very user friendly.


Here, you can order professional cleaning products with just a few clicks.

Our service partners will reach you for various one time cleaning and pest control services for your office and home.

The supply partners will deliver products at your doorstep safely and on-time across various cities.

At this e-store, we have team of experienced and qualified staff who clean every part of your home, office and other places just the way you want it.

We have dealers and distributors in different parts of India to reach all corners of the nation.

Every employee and partner at our company goes through training to remain faithful and dedicated to the clients and company.

Hygiene dunia online store

Why Hygienedunia?

We believe in a sustainable relationship with our clients and make sure to provide the highest quality products and service to our valuable customers. Here are some major factors behind our success:

All-in-One Solution

In market, you have to contact different companies for your different needs. But at this e-shop, you can book pest control service, cleaning services and also order durable and professional cleaning products.

So now, if you are taking pest control service from us; you can also order cleaning products for your home and get them delivered at your doorstep.

Professional Quality Products

We are the direct manufacturer of cleaning products so there is no doubt about the quality. We assure you for the best quality products in all variants.

We say our product as professional quality products because these cleaning and pest control products are used in big hotels, restaurants and work places.

Environment Friendly

We promote environment-friendly products. There is a team for testing and using all the products and processes we sell and use to ensure we not only work but are also safe for people, animals, and the environment.

Now add more cleanliness to your premises.

Competitive Price

We are committed to serving people. We strive to serve our service at the best price because we want to increase our client area and remain the best service provider.

All the cleaning products offered by the company are available at the best market price.


The cost of every product at Hygienedunia is shown on website. And, this is final price; there is no hidden charge or additional amount. We believe in complete transparency.

We don’t trap people by offering a huge discount on high MRP. But we offer products at reasonable price and offer up to 40% discount.

Excellent Team

Our Partners are equipped with the latest cleaning & pest control utilities to ensure the best cleaning & pest control service. If you need someone specific to assist you, we can help!

We have a wide range of cleaning & pest control staff that has a variety of specialist areas. No matter what the work, we have that’s experienced and ready!

Delivery SERVICE

We deliver products same day so, you do not have to worry about your instant need- we are here. If you don’t like the product, you can return it also.

We are a perfect product supplier and services company you can count on. With 100% satisfaction guaranteed, your business or home is safe with us.

Our delivery partner will pick up the product from your home.

At our online store, you can return the opened products also.

This is completely a unique concept introduced for your support for your home and offices.

Partner with Us

Join hands with us to become a Partner for:


Client satisfaction is our ultimate goal. With our friendly and down to earth attitude, Hygienedunia is committed to deliver excellent customer experience.

Why work with multiple companies when one company can do everything for you! Save your time and energy, and let us know your needs.

We are available 24/7 and can work around your schedule to save you time, stress, and energy.

Contact us for any question or doubt; we would love to hear from you. Hope, you enjoy shopping at online shop.

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