Shoe Shine Machine

To maintain the hygiene level during Covid-19 “Touchless Applications” are in trend and this shoe shine machine is also becoming a compulsory product for every building.

For the last few years, sensor-based electric shoe shiners are very popular in the market. A shoe shine machine is an integral part of the Hospitality sector, but now these machines are in trend in every type of buildings and you can place the same in your residential building and workspace to welcome your visitor.

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    Ossom Buff Shine Electric Shoe Polishing Machine – SSS01

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  • Shoe Shine Machine with Sole Cleaner Sensor based OSSOM®ossom shoe shine machine with sole cleaner sss03

    Ossom Shoe Shine Machine with Sole Cleaner – SSS03

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Technically talking, an Automatic Shoe shine Machine work with a combination of the Sensor and Motor based on design. As soon as sensors get signal brushes started rotating and clean or shine the shoes inserted in the machine slot. The user can apply the cream polish by gently pressing the nozzle positioned between brushes and shine the shoes with another brush.

Most machines are installed with two types of brushes, one to clean the shoe and the other for shining or buffing, different fibers are used in these brushes as per application. The shining process can be completed within 30 to 40 seconds.

The models with Sole Cleaner, which clean the Bottom of the shoe concomitantly, such models are essential for properties with carpet floors and Italian marble, which are prone to damage fast with silica carried by the shoes inside the property.

Advantages of using Electric Shoe Shining Machine:

Hygienic Solution: It is always better if you, your staff or visitors do not touch the shoes to clean them, Which may inadvertently pass through those dust particles and germs in other high-contact areas, or sensitive areas of your property.

Pride Point: When someone is welcomed with a shoe shiner in the lobby or reception areas or entrance of the property, he definitely impressed and carries a good perception of the property.

Safety of the lobby floors: Most of the lobby floors are highly maintained but facing heavy traffic; hence it is an almost compulsory machine if you really love your floor.

Save carpets & linens: Dust particles are the enemy of all types of carpets and reduce the life of the carpets up to 70%, a good shoe shine machine with Sole cleaner is recommendable in such case. Some misbehaving guests or children have a habit of cleaning shoes with linen and towels, which can also be controlled with such machines.

Less expense and almost zero maintenance: There is no major expense, except to change the brush at once and refill the shoe cream.

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