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Water Spray Bottle – part and parcel of modern life!

Aamir Md. Sheikh

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Like me you must have seen a spray bottle for the first time in the barber shop when you went to cut your hair with your father or some other elder of the family. During the hair cutting process, the barber used to mist your hair and sometimes mischievously sprinkle water on your eyes or face as well.

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History of water spray bottle

Historically, current spray bottles are descendants of aspirator bottles invented in the 19th century that were created by a rubberized atomizer nozzle and a glass bottle. Dr. Thomas Devibiss of Ohio is known for inventing this Venturi based design. It was mainly invented to apply sprayable medicine on patients. It became very popular after the introduction of plastic bottles post 1960 and that design was used in various applications such as nasal spray, perfume atomizer, room spray etc.

You can still find vintage patterned spray bottles in various designs and made by glass, ceramic and. Metal but the most popular for daily use in many applications is the plastic spray bottle. Because in currently used spray bottles, the pipe directly touches the liquid rather than lifting the liquid through the Venturi Effect, the new design is known as a “Positive Displacement Pump”.


So what is a plastic spray bottle?

To me, it’s a combination of a bottle and spray pump used to spray liquids on an object as a fine mist or thin stream. If we talk about the part in detail, then the sprayer has a lever called trigger or trigger lever which uses to activate the small pump attached and further to the thin plastic tube. The tube draws fluid from the bottom of the container or bottle and transfers it to the muzzle of the gun. The specially designed hole of the nozzle ensures the conversion of the liquid into a concentrated stream or mist.

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What are the water bottle use in modern life?

Over time, the use of spray bottle with trigger has become widespread, it is used not only in the barbershop of your neighborhood but in many important applications in homes, offices and other places. Some of the major applications where spray bottles are used are as follows:

Glass and Surface Cleaning: To keep the property spick and span, a spray bottle filled with a good glass cleaning liquid or hard surface cleaning solution is a must. Whether you have window panes and mirrors in your home or glass partitions in the office, such a spray bottle is a must-have in the cleaning kit for quick cleaning.

Water Spray Bottle - Part and parcel of modern life - Hygienedunia Blog

Disinfection: After the Covid waves, almost everyone in this world was introduced to the spray bottle. Wherever you go, you are welcomed by a person holding a spray bottle in one hand and a temperature meter in the other. Whether it is hand sanitizing or surface disinfection, such as door handles, table tops etc., this product is now in use in every corner of the world to eradicate the virus.

Spot Cleaning: This spray bottle is essential for cleaning in high traffic and sensitive areas such as hotels and restaurants. It could be some spill on the carpet or a small spot on the upholstered furniture, this tool comes handy for cleaning the spot.

spray bottle is essential for cleaning in high traffic and sensitive areas

Air Freshener: Though aerosol spray is very common but spraying air freshener with the help of spray bottle is also becoming popular as it is economical especially for commercial properties where consumption of air freshener is high. You can now buy bulk packs of air fresheners and deodorizers and refill the same spray bottle instead of buying an aerosol room spray every time – which isn’t helping the environment either.

Gardening: Gardening is a passion for some people and they take care of plants just like children. If you look around you will find that indoor plants like ferns, syngoniums and pothos are becoming a part of our lifestyle. Due to the long summer we have to protect the plants from heatstroke and one solution is to keep them cool with a mist of water. A spray bottle is the first step and the easiest tool for spraying a mist such plants. The same bottle can also be used to spray fungicides and also to keep them clean and shiny.

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Car Cleaning: Car cleaning by a worker is not enough for some cleanliness savvy people and weekly windshield, car body or dashboard cleaning and polishing is their schedule. This type of sprayer is handy to apply different liquids for cleaning and polishing the interior and exterior of the car.

Ironing clothes: If you don’t have a steam iron or you don’t like to use such an iron for any reason, you’ll need to use a spray bottle to moisturize the clothes before ironing them, especially cotton clothes which are prone to wrinkling a lot after washing and such clothes cannot be ironed properly without moisture.



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Salon applications: Most obviously such spray bottles are an integral part of beauty salons, where they use spray bottles to re-hydrate dry hair between washes, moisturize and style them while grooming. A beauty expert cannot imagine hairstyling session without a spray bottle.

In the end, we come to the question, “What features should we pay attention to when ordering a spray bottle?”
What features should we pay attention to when ordering a spray bottle

Few notable features of the trigger

We understand that it is very difficult to have so many subtle details about the trigger but a good quality trigger gun should have the following features:

Must be made of unbreakable and virgin HDPE material.

It should have good quality spring for long life, preferably made of SS304

The output stroke should be between 0.7 and 1.0 ml.

There should be an option to turn on and off the nozzle hole.

Few notable features of bottle

As I mentioned the traditional bottles of glass, ceramic and other materials are still in use to show off the ethnic choices, but the bottles made of HDPE/PP material are more comfortable for daily use. Such bottles should have the following characteristics:

It should offer better grip and a sleek design that can be comfortably put in use.

Prefer bottles made by virgin and high density PE material aka HDPE for best life.

Prefer if the manufacturer confirms the ingredients are food-grade, which is much better for home use.

Try buying a bottle made from a translucent or transparent material. This will help to top-up the bottle at the appropriate time.

Ready to get started!

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