All-purpose Cleaners

We know how hard it can be to find a single cleaner suitable for multiple cleaning applications. So we offer you multipurpose products to help you tackle any such task. These all-purpose cleaners are an economical and quick solution and can be adopted as an alternative to specific floor and hard surface cleaners. If you are reluctant to pick a cleaning chemical for multi applications in the office and home, choose from this range:

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  • Ossom S7 Tiles cleaner all purpose cleaner 5Ltrs Packossom s7 all purpose cleaner concentrate (5ltrs pack)

    Ossom S7 – All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate (5Ltrs Pack)

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FDA-approved ingredients, and careful selection of raw materials are making this range a popular choice across India. All these cleaners are VEGAN and fall under the GREEN CLEANER category and perfect example of environment-friendly chemicals.

You have a choice of convenient and economical 5-liter packs for home and work place. There is no need to worry about the expiry of these products as most of the products have a very good shelf life.

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