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How to select correct floor cleaning liquid?

Aamir Md. Sheikh

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Each building has different types of flooring and obviously different cleaning needs! While standard homes have tiled floors, marble floors and wooden flooring, commercial properties can have many more types of floor surfaces such as Italian, Granite, Mosaic, Kota-stone, RCC, Epoxy, and Synthetic floors.

The architects and builders select these floorings according to the possible activities taking place in that particular area and there can be more than one type of floor in the same building. Trust me I have seen more than 30 types of floors in a single building!

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Why are the cleaning liquids available in shopping malls or at grocery shop, not so effective?

“One floor cleaning liquid for all floor cleaning applications is like treating all ailments with one medicine.”

When you go to a shopping mall or a local market you come across a variety of cleaning liquid for floor and you assume that you have a wide range of products available to choose from. But if you go deep and try to understand the usefulness of all those products, you will find that most of the products are not much different from each other apart from the brand, packing and colour.

The reason is obvious, manufacturers tend to focus on “mass-selling products” that are simple and can be sold on any application, but such products do not produce the end results on every floor cleaning issue as expected.

5 Basics elements of cleaning.

I recommend that you understand the basics of cleaning applications and formulations before picking up a cleaner from a store display.

There are 5 basic elements of cleaning process:

5 basic elements of cleaning process by hygienedunia

Chemical: The first element is obviously choosing the appropriate liquid cleaner which suit for your application and surface. The right formula makes life easier for a person using liquid for cleaning.

Contact Time: You should provide a specific time for the chemical reaction and work on dirt or smug on the surface. This time may vary according to the application and the level of the problem. Excess time given to some chemicals can damage the surface.

Temperature: According to experts the high temperature reduces the viscosity in the dirt and helps in easy removal of the soil. Simply put, temperature helps to improve effectiveness in most cases.

Mechanical action: Finally you need to apply a force or action to agitate the surface which can be in the form of manual force or mechanized force. Hand scrubbers, Scotch-Brite and steel wool are some examples of manual cleaning tools and scrubbing machines or polishing machines are examples of mechanized cleaning machines.

Procedure: One wrong process can ruin all cleaning efforts, so to get the best results, learn the use of cleansing fluids and read the user’s instructions on the packaging.


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What does a floor cleaning liquid actually have?

Coming back to cleaning fluids, let us figure out the formulations! Don’t worry; I’m not going to teach you chemistry, but just a few basic differences between the formulas to give you an overview of the subject.

The following cleaning agents are the ingredients for preparing any cleaning liquid:





Acid cleaners


Organic Solvents

Other cleaning agents

Obviously the pH value of the chemical is also important for preparing cleaning fluid.

The big question – How to choose the appropriate cleaning liquid for cleaning a particular floor?

To make your life easy, I have chosen some typical floor cleaning applications around us and solutions to those problems:

appropriate cleaning liquid for cleaning a particular floor - hygienedunia

Domestic Floor Cleaning:

Daily cleaning and floor cleaning is definitely in mind but while buying products for home floor cleaning, we as consumers are dependent on two guiding factors:

1. What does our grocery store want us to buy?

2. What does our television want us to buy?

Domestic Floor Cleaning by hygienedunia

An emotional ad with a baby crawling on the floor, or a sports star shouting slogans like “expensive is better” are just marketing gimmicks to guide you into buying a particular product. Such products are mostly packed in small packs of 500ml or 1L which is really heavy on your pocket.

You need to understand that you need to have a daily cleaning liquid for the floor of the home with sanitizing feature, provided that you are not planning an annual deep cleaning or a post-construction cleaning. For example, you can try OSSOM S2 Super and Gojo Surface Sanitizer for daily floor cleaning. These products are effective and safe for family and pets; 2L and 5L packs from these brands helps to save money too.

Shop and Showroom Floor Cleaning:

Size, business patterns and footfalls may vary in stores or showrooms, but one thing is certain – that every outlet owner wants to keep the floor clean and shiny. Surprisingly, very few showroom owners research the topic or search for perfectly suitable products for cleaning floors.

If I ask the owner of a shop or showroom about floor cleaning, the obvious answer is that either they are buying the floor cleaning liquid from a local grocery store or a supplying hawker.

Such traditional cleaning chemical or phenyl may seem cheap and comfy but they are bound to spoil the shine of the floor in the long run. If you ask me the right cleaning liquid for high footfall areas like showrooms and small outlets, I would recommend a 5L pack of OSSOM S2 and 3m floor cleaner for the same. These products are available online and can be delivered at your outlet.

Hotel and Restaurant Floor Cleaning:

Cleaning the floors of a hotel or restaurant is one of the most difficult things to plan. You have minimum two types of areas, dining areas and non-food areas in a hotel or restaurant.

Hotel and Restaurant Floor Cleaning by hygienedunia

Cleaning Food Areas: If you are looking for floor cleaning liquid for food areas such as kitchen, banquet, dining, coffee shop and restaurant areas, you are talking about medium to high greasy floors. For such floors I recommend alkaline based floor cleaning products like OSSOM S10 and Faber floor degreaser.

These products react quickly to food grease and loosen the stains to clean up quickly. These products also suppress the odor caused by bacteria growing on the floor surface and make the surface fresh.

Cleaning Other Areas: Targeting non-food areas such as lobbies, waiting rooms, stairs, porches, parking areas, receptions, etc., and the application is not greasy floors but challenging nonetheless. Due to heavy traffic and foot fall, deep cleaning is needed here. Not only do you have to clean the floor properly but you also have to keep the floor shiny yet slippery.

You should buy products with special formulations for applications. These products deeply clean floors and keep them shiny and with anti-slip properties. Both of these products also have an amazing fragrance, leaving your floors fresh after every cleaning.

Commercial Buildings Floor Cleaning:

Such buildings have offices, outlets as well as food courts with high traffic; and expectation of cleaning is high. Regular dry mopping with a synthetic mop or microfiber mop is essential but frequent wet cleaning is also required depending on the timing and visitors.

Commercial buildings have large floors which are usually cleaned by mechanized cleaning machines such as auto scrubber dryers and some smaller areas which are cleaned by manual tools such as wet mops and ringer trolleys.

For Manual Cleaning: You can also use a deep cleaning liquid like OSSOM S7.1 or Better Life Floor Cleaner for manual wet cleaning as they have a non-rinse formula and can clean floors quickly in one go. They are provided in affordable packs of 5L and can be ordered online.

For Mechanized Cleaning: When you are using machines like auto scrubber dryers or ride-on scrubber dryers, you should look for a liquid with low foam. A standard high foaming cleaning liquid is not recommended as the foam from the recovery tank may overflow and enter the motor and other electrical parts of the machine and badly damage it.

mechanized cleaning by hygienedunia

I suggest OSSOM S2 and rejuvenate floor cleaner low foaming cleaning liquid, the dilution ratio of these concentrated chemicals is also low and the effect is high. These liquids do not contain fillers or salts that settle in the machine parts and are safe for a long time.

Hospital and Pharmaceuticals Floor Cleaning:

Cleanliness in such areas is important, vital and imperative. As superficial cleaning not recommended, certain norms and criteria are created to ensure proper floor cleaning with the most appropriate liquids in different areas.

Hospital Floor Cleaning: When we talk of hospitals or nursing homes, pictures of viruses flash in our mind. The first step in handling them is to clean them with the proper cleaning solution. Since high-alcohol liquids can damage the surface, you’ll need to find a way out and look for liquids that won’t damage the floor. OSSOM D3 and OSSOM S2 Super are suggestive in such applications that not only clean and sanitize hospital floors but also make them shine.

Hospital and Pharmaceuticals Floor Cleaning by hygienedunia

Pharma Unit Cleaning: Specific solutions are required for cleaning pharma manufacturing and packing units, the liquid should deep cleanse the floors and sanitize the surface and should not contain fumes or fragrance. There are very few products available with such features and I have picked OSSOM All Purpose Cleaner and Flash All Purpose Cleaner from the large world of cleaning which can be suitable to clean floors in pharma sectors, in both manual or mechanized cleaning.

Industrial Floor Cleaning:

Industrial floor cleaning is different from all other floor-cleaning applications. The reason for this is the activities and types of floors in the manufacturing units.

industrial floor cleaning at hygienedunia

In most industries you will find one of the following flooring:

Cemented floors or RCC flooring

Kota or other hard stone floors

Epoxy coated floors

Why Industries have different types of floorings?

Generally the selection of flooring depends on the products manufactured or processed in the area. RCC flooring is preferred where heavy machine movement is involved, Kota flooring is fine for areas where the dry form of the product is manufactured or packaged, but epoxy, vitrified tile or similar surfaces are preferred for oily or greasy products, as the chances of oil leakage to the floor are higher. The spilled oil can seep in the floor and create permanent spot.

Industrial Floor Cleaning Solutions:

Now we come to the selection of cleaning liquid, if the application is non-greasy OSSOM Floor Cleaner and Janitol Floor Cleaner suggestible, these cleaners work deep into the floor and clean every pore of the floor effectively.

When talking about oily or greasy floors I suggest good quality alkaline cleaning fluids like OSSOM S10 and Faber Degreaser. The formulas of these cleaner fluids are designed to ensure effective scrubbing of most types of greasy spots in manufacturing units.

Which pack size of floor cleaning liquid should be procured?

In most markets you find 500ml or 1L packing for any liquid solution. But you may have noticed that I have chosen products packing between 2L and 5L, my reason is simple – if you have selected a particular product for surface cleaning, give the product a chance to prove itself over a long period of time.

packing size of the floor cleaning liquid at hygienedunia

The bigger the packing, the more economical it is. Reason – you’re not going to pay for fancy smaller packing or applicators every time. You can just refill applicators or smaller bottles and save money. Actually, you can save more than 50% by buying these economy packs. In this way you also reduce plastic waste and help the environment!

Just Remember, people are bringing bacteria and viruses into your building with their shoes everyday – keep the floors cleaner with right solution!

Happy Cleaning!

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