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Ossom S2 Super – Hard Surface Sanitizer cum Cleaner 2L

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Highly concentrated floor disinfectant and kills 99.9% of germs.

OSSOM® S2 Super – Hard Surface Cleaner cum Sanitizer | Best selling surface sanitizer formula

Are you worried about cleaning as well as sanitizing of your home and office?

Some liquids can help you to clean your surroundings but unfortunately not all products can clean and bactericide at the same time.

This OSSOM® S2 super sanitizers and multi surface cleaner disinfectant is highly concentrated, disinfectant cleaner cum floor germicide. The S2 super kills 99.9% of germs as per studies. It is getting popular for its unique features like neutral pH, consistent high performance and a no-rinse formula.

Here’s why you will adore this DIY disinfectant floor cleaner:

Since floor disinfectant is now as important as cleaning, this diy disinfectant floor cleaner is most suitable choice for daily cleaning. You can buy this affordable pack of amazing product and use it regularly during mopping, or the spray and wipe method for all hard surfaces of your home and office.

  • No Rinse Formula: The OSSOM® S2 Super cleaner cum sanitizing liquid is a no-rinse surface sanitizer formula that does not require rinsing after washing and mopping. This saves the energy and water every time you clean the floors or other hard surfaces. Just spray and wipe to keep your family safe.
  • Anti-Slippery: This OSSOM® S2 Super surface sanitizer chemical has neutral pH, anti-slippery properties, which is suitable for the areas where this product is used for floor cleaning and sanitization.
  • Multipurpose: This hard floor cleaning chemical safely removes dirt, soil, grease, and grime from all water-safe hard surfaces and all types of finished floors, walls, counter-tops, painted surfaces and furniture.
  • Excellent Fragrance: It leaves behind a pleasant enticing fragrance after floor mopping as per label instructions.
  • For All Properties: The OSSOM® S2 super is perfect cleaner for daily usage at homes, offices, hotels, clubs, showrooms, malls, industries, etc.
  • Economical: The low dilution levels of this surface cleaner cum decontaminant make it the most economical solution for professionals as well as DIY users.

Recommended Dilution:

  • Normal soil cleaning: 5-8 ml in one liter of clean water.
  • Heavy soil cleaning: 20-25 ml in one liter of clean water.

What is the correct application method for a multi surface cleaner disinfectant concentrate?

  • Apply diluted product the surface purifier using a spray, mop, cloth, brush, or machine on the surface to be cleaned.
  • Then wipe off with a lint-free cloth, mop or wiper.
  • Suitable for all water-safe hard surfaces.


  • Always shake well before using this diy disinfectant floor cleaner.
  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.
  • Store at room temperature in a dry place.
  • Do not mix with other chemicals.

What are the health and safety measures to use a cleaner cum surface sanitizer?

  • Always avoid inhalation and contact with eyes or skin.
  • In case of contact, firstly rinse thoroughly with plenty of water.
  • If swallowed then do not induce vomiting.
  • After that, seek medical advice for immediate action.
  • While handling concentrated products, wear appropriate gloves and safety mask.
  • Always keep the jar tightly closed and out of reach of children.

Pack Size: 2 Liters.

Support: Customer satisfaction is most important to us. In case of any technical issues, you may call or write us and our customer support team will promptly call back and guide you on the matter.

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Surface Sanitizer Ossom S2 Super - Hard Surface Cleaner cum Sanitizer at Hygienedunia
Ossom S2 Super – Hard Surface Sanitizer cum Cleaner 2L
460.00Save 39%