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Restaurant and Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning Services

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Thorough cleaning, stain removal & sanitization of your restaurant.

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Book Restaurant and Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning Services for up to 2000 sq. ft.

If your staff cleans the restaurant floor regularly, but it’s still greasy and smelly, you need professional help!

Deep cleaning of dining areas and restaurant kitchens requires specialized skill and specialized machine tools and chemicals. The floors and other fittings of these areas face regular spills of food items and beverages. It is not possible for an unskilled worker to handle such a difficult cleaning and keeping the floor in order. An unclean dining area indicates poor hygiene level of the restaurant and customers who love the cleanliness and great atmosphere avoid visiting such food zones and coffee shops.

You can solve these issues by using restaurant hygiene standards and deep cleaning services provided by our professional teams. These professionals are specialized in housekeeping professional kitchen and restaurant floors with the help of certain mechanized housekeeping machines, professional equipment and cleaning liquids recommended for food areas.

What is included in this restaurant and commercial kitchen deep cleaning checklist?

As a specialist in cleaning and housekeeping, we divide café and restaurant housekeeping into two parts, “back home cleaning and front office cleaning”. Our team works on the following restaurant hygiene standards checklist during thorough cleaning the areas:

Back of the house restaurant cleaning services include:

  • Kitchen deep cleaning: Our housekeeping team is expert in deep cleaning and degreasing of ceilings, walls, fixtures and furniture, which is of paramount importance to improve the cleanliness and hygiene level of the restaurant.
  • Cleaning of walk-in refrigeration units: The most overlooked area at the back of the house is the walk-in refrigerator and we ensure cleanliness and hygiene of surfaces and handles where the chances of bacterial growth are high.
  • Kitchen appliances deep cleaning: There are many appliances like oven, fryer and chiller which are kept unclean for months, we ensure safe deep cleansing for all such appliance.
  • Floor scrubbing: Various food products keep falling on the floor and employees have no option but to walk and work on the same floor during busy shift, this makes the floor dirty and sticky. We ensure the best possible cleaning by deep scrubbing and buffing.
  • Cleansing staff toilet and changing facilities: Since the upper management rarely visit the staff toilets and locker areas, they are mostly found in filthy condition, this indirectly hampers the productivity and motivation level of the employees. We make sure to clean such areas and keep them as good as other parts of the restaurant, ensuring to increase the happiness level of the cooking staff.
  • Kitchen extraction ventilation deep clean: All oily smoke exits through canopy, ducting and exhaust fan. Over time they become almost un-cleanable for regular employees. We use special kitchen and oven cleaning liquid to clean them. Not only does this improve cleanliness but it also ensures longer performance.

Front of the house restaurant cleaning services include:

  • Bar area cleaning: Our expert commercial kitchen deep cleaning near me team clean the standing and seating areas and brighten them up, to invite as many customers as possible, which ultimately leads to improved business.
  • Shampooing carpets and upholstery: Since there is no direct sunlight inside the dining and service areas in most restaurants, even water splashes on carpets and other upholstery can create a foul odor. Our team cleans and dries the carpets with a high air flow vacuum cleaner to make them clean and fresh for the next few months.
  • Cleaning of tables and surfaces: cafeteria staff have minimum time to properly clean tables between food servings and only wiping with a damp cloth is not sufficient for cleanliness level as well as life of table surfaces.  Our team makes sure to professionally clean tables and surfaces and make sure they look as good as new.
  • Bathroom cleansing: We know that many customers visit toilets and urinals and assess levels of the restaurant hygiene standards, so we use special liquid products to keep washbasins, sinks, toilet bowls and urinals cleaner.
  • Floor scrubbing: Spillage of the food and beverages and footfall of customers and staff, any food zone endures it all. Any type of floor surface you have in the dining area, our team is expert in cleaning all types of hard surfaces, they deep clean, mop, buff and sanitize to reach the top level of floor deep cleaning.
  • Mopping of signage: Last but not least, our team ensures proper moping of signage, canopies and window panes to keep the restaurant’s visibility amazingly improved.

What tools and chemicals are used for commercial kitchen deep cleaning near me?

Our Restaurant housekeeping Service teams are fully equipped with efficient machines and tools. These food area housekeeping experts uses only professional food-grade, vegan and concentrated liquid solutions. The visiting team will be carrying following machines, tools and chemicals as per restaurant hygiene standards and use them as per requirement:

How many people will be deployed and how long will it take to conduct the service?

Although the time and manpower are subject to change in each particular situation, our team calculates manpower and working time as follows:

  • Manpower: 2 (Two)
  • Service Hours: 7 hrs.

What are the advantages of regular deep cleaning and sanitization of food zones and restaurant?

Food is directly related to cleanliness and if it is a commercial kitchen or restaurant then the value of cleanliness and hygiene increases manifold. There are several key benefits of regular deep cleansing that help in maintaining the restaurant hygiene standards, brand name and visitors to cafes, food zones and banquets:

Represents safe food: When visiting a tidy coffee shop, you feel comfortable with the level of cleanliness and hygiene. The level of cleanliness in the kitchen and cutlery can be doubted if the tables and floors are dirty.

Better ambiance: The price of the same dish may vary at roadside stalls and in high class restaurants in star category hotels. The reason for this is not only the brand name of restaurant or name of chef, but also the ambiance provided to the customer while enjoying that dish. Not only well designed building and attractive decor but also clean floors, shiny furniture and clean odorless air are important parts of the environment which increase the value of food.

Image of the restaurant: You have to appreciate that the level of cleanliness of the restaurant can affect the image of the restaurant either positively or negatively. While first-time customers in the age of social media can check ratings on a variety of parameters, the level of cleanliness can be a reason for visiting (or not visiting) a particular café.

Healthy employees: Restaurants with healthier employees can get more working hours leading to better productivity. A clean and hygienic kitchen helps in reducing many diseases caused by allergies, viruses and fungi. A cleaner restaurant means less sick leaves and better performance by the staff.

Reduce maintenance: Regular and proper deep cleaning by professional tools and chemicals reduces maintenance costs by increasing the life of kitchen equipment, flooring, fittings and furniture. Which is indirectly an earnings for the organization.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Free Access: The client must provide access into the premises, running water and electricity at the premises where the commercial kitchen deep cleaning near me will take place.
  • Waiting Charge: Failure to provide any of the above facilities on time is subject to extra charge of Rs. 250 for every 30 minutes.
  • No Shifting Instructions: Valuable, heavy or semi-permanent items, such as large tables, machinery, kitchen equipment, wall units, music units, TV & Stands, piano, side boards, pot plants and platforms will not be removed by our staff during deep cleansing works.
  • Avoid serving and cooking: We recommend avoiding cooking, serving or packing food during deep cleaning work, which may affect the food or the process of cleaning and hygiene.
  • No Handyman Work: The commercial kitchen deep cleaning near me team should not be requested for any handyman services like electrical or plumbing works.
  • Additional Charges: Hygienedunia reserves the right, at its discretion, to charge additional amounts where excessive items have not been removed prior to arrival and causes delays to the housekeeping process.
  • Commitment: We cannot assure for 100% stain or spot removal in certain cases, however we are committed to deliver the best of the best quality performance.
  • Scope: Our scope of work is clearly mentioned and we avoid facade cleaning service which is prone to accidents. So don’t force the visiting team to do work which has the potential to risk life or accident.
  • Inspection of Work: We highly recommend for the post work inspection and approval from the client side should be done. We will not be able to entertain any claims regarding any quality issue once the staff leaves the service location.
This restaurant and commercial kitchen deep cleaning cost of service includes taxes, material and manpower cost.

(This is One-time cost for 01 Cleaning Service only)


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Restaurant and Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning Services
Restaurant and Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning Services
7,988.00Save 40%