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Electronic Showroom Cleaning Service near me – 1100 sq. ft.

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Thorough cleaning, stain removal & sanitization of your outlet

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Book Electronic Showroom Cleaning Service near me up to 1100 square feet

An unclean electronic store is not healthy, neither for brand image nor for the sales revenue!

You are putting extra efforts to keep your electronics and appliances showroom clean and hygienic but still the cleaning impact is not enough. The reasons are obvious, the core competency of your staff is not cleaning but other activities related to the sales and management. Dirty floors caused by unprofessional cleaning and household cleaners can be detrimental to your store’s image as well as sales.

Time to call us for electronic showroom cleaning service near me up to 1100 sq. ft. and relax; our professional team knows how to handle the sensitive cleaning of a store for electronics or mobile. We use professional tools and mechanized cleaning machines to provide the housekeeping service. Over and above, no harmful fuming chemical will be used to ensure safety of the electric or electronic devices in the display.

What is included in electronic showroom cleaning and sanitization service up to 1100 sq. ft.?

A electronics outlet or a multilayer home appliances showroom, every business establishment is equally important to our team and we ensure that the criteria and housekeeping checklist remain updated for all electronic outlets, the scope in the electronic showroom cleaning services include:-

  • Window and doors: Our team starts with removing labels from glasses and cleaning windows and glass doors to the shine you’ve always wanted to achieve and somehow couldn’t plan for long.
  • Deep dusting: Our hardworking team members ensure to properly remove dust and fine dust particles from all the stocks on display. Such a basic wiping of high dust areas allows dust displacement that may spoil the final cleaning. Removing the cobweb is also a part of this initial step of up keeping.
  • Glass and mirror cleaning: Glass and mirrors are important part of electronic showroom and mobile galleries, our team uses specific cleaners and tools to wipe down glasses, mirrors, cabinets and shelves.
  • Tough old spots: Our team will safely remove longstanding marks such as tape, glue, plaster and drywall mud from almost any surface.
  • Garbage removal: Removal of garbage from dustbins and other corners and disposal as per practicability will be done before the next stage.
  • Floor scrubbing: Starting with dry mopping / sweeping, vacuuming and then floor mechanized scrubbing and buffing of floor the standard procedure to ensure best floor cleaning by our professional janitors.
  • High-touch surfaces: Specialized cleaning and sanitization of high touch surfaces like doorknobs, sales counters, and light switch, will also be done.
  • Restroom cleansing: We also ensure thorough cleaning and sanitizing of the toilets. It provides astonishing effect on the customers.
  • Furniture cleaning: Our team keeps high quality vacuum cleaners for dusting and cleaning furniture and other upholstery.

What tools and chemicals are used to clean electronic store and home appliance shops?

The team of specialized housekeeping services carries advanced scrubbing and housekeeping machines, professional tools and concentrated safe cleaners suitable for the applications of outlet cleaning and sanitization services.

The visiting team of janitors will be carrying following items for conducting the service:

What is the right way to sanitize an electronic store or gadget gallery?

Waves of COVID variants may keep on affecting the business, but this period of pandemic has already trained us about the importance of cleaning and sanitization of our shops and showrooms.

We at Hygienedunia, understand the importance of sanitization and if you are placing an order for retail store deep cleaning services the sanitization of the area will be done by our team without any extra cost.

Our team will sanitize all the “High touch surfaces” by spraying powerful and safe QAC based disinfectant with sprayer. This disinfecting process kills 99.9% of all viruses, germs, pathogens and allergens that comes in contact. It can be used to disinfect all your High Contact Points, such as:

  • Door knobs and handles
  • Workstations
  • Chair supports
  • Waiting benches
  • Electrical fitting
  • Taps and fittings
  • Toilet Flush knobs
  • Tables and counters
  • Remote controls

How many people will be deployed and how long will it take to execute the housekeeping service?

Although the time and manpower are subject to change in each particular situation, our electronic showroom cleaning service near me team calculates manpower and working time as follows:

  • Manpower: 2 (Two).
  • Service Hours: 4 hrs.

What are the advantages of regular deep cleaning and sanitization of Electronic Store and Gadget Shoppe?

Most of the stores are being cleaned by the staff or bai (maids) who clean the floor superficially and move on to the next outlet. Considering the walk-in customers, environmental dust and items regularly falling during the treatments and haircut, such mopping is not sufficient. You need to understand the benefits of a scheduled deep cleansing of shop:

  • Professional cleaning: A small shoppe to large electronic store, they all depend on unskilled workers for housekeeping, they are using household cleaners and mops. With Hygienedunia you can get professional deep cleaning at regular intervals for minimal cost.
  • Reduce maintenance: Proper deep cleansing by professional tools and chemicals reduces maintenance costs and increase the life of floors, fittings and furniture, which is a savings for your business.
  • Increase in reputation: Sitting in the same outlet for many years you stop noticing the stains and dullness of floors, mirrors and furniture, but your customers are watching, if you keep your electronics shop tidy they will carry-back a good impression about you and your outlet.
  • Healthy living: The health of the owners is vital to the health of the proprietors. Since you are interacting directly with customers, you must have a COVID secured business. A clean and hygienic workplace also helps reduce many diseases caused by allergies, viruses and fungi. Clean business place means less sick leave!

Terms & Conditions:

  • Free Access: The client must provide access into the premises, running water and electricity at the premises where the electronic showroom cleaning service near me will take place.
  • Waiting Charge: Failure to provide any of the above facilities on time is subject to extra charge of Rs. 250 for every 30 minutes.
  • No Shifting Instructions: Valuable, heavy or semi-permanent items, such as large tables, display counters, wall units, music units, TV & stands, piano, side boards, pot plants and platforms will not be removed by our staff during deep cleansing works.
  • No Handyman Work: The up-keeping and sanitization team should not be requested for any handyman services like electrical or plumbing works.
  • Additional Charges: Hygienedunia reserves the right, at its discretion, to charge additional amounts where excessive items have not been removed prior to arrival and causes delays to the housekeeping process.
  • Commitment: We cannot assure for 100% stain or spot removal in certain cases, however we are committed to deliver the best of the best quality performance.
  • Scope: Our scope of work is clearly mentioned and we avoid facade cleaning service which is prone to accidents. So don’t force the visiting team to do work which has the potential to risk life or accident.
  • Inspection of Work: We highly recommend for the post work inspection and approval from the client side should be done. We will not be able to entertain any claims regarding any quality issue once the staff leaves the service location.
Electronic showroom cleaning service cost includes taxes, material and manpower cost.

(This is One-time cost for 01 Cleaning Service only)


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Electronic showroom cleaning service near me upto 1100 sq. ft at Hygienedunia
Electronic Showroom Cleaning Service near me – 1100 sq. ft.
Original price was: ₹4,827.90.Current price is: ₹3,630.00.Save 25%