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Commercial Floor Cleaning Service near me – upto 3200 sq.ft.

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Mechanized scrubbing and buffing of your flooring.

Book commercial floor cleaning service near me for upto 3200 sq.ft. area | Floor washing service

Your flooring is facing all the harassment in the form of dirty footfall, spillage of drinks, food, or oil, but what are you giving your floor back?

Normally you clean the floors only with the help of a floor-mop, at most with a regular phenyl which you consider as a best sanitary cleaner for floorings. The truth is that your valuable flooring deserves much more than that.

Marble, Mosaic, Italian or Tiles, you spend a handsome amount on the floors of the properties; and you want to look great for the next 15-20 years if not more. And trust us, you just can’t keep them in good shape with the traditional way of cleansing. Whether it’s home or your workplace, you need a regular deep scrubbing program to keep floors fresh and shiny.

By ordering on us for commercial floor cleaning and scrubbing up to 3200 square feet, you get the services of an experienced floor cleaning team, which will come to your property to handle the job with all the necessary professional equipment.

What includes in the floor cleaning service commercial?

Our cleaning service team is trained to clean and polish all types of floors to ensure a 100% customer satisfaction level. During the commercial floor cleaning service near me, the flooring will be scrubbed with a rotatory machine with various pads to remove dirt, germs and stains from the floors. This service includes:

  • Basic Cleaning: Removal of dust, and papers etc. along with manual removal of paint or gum marks with help of hand scrapper tool.
  • Deep cleaning: Deep cleaning of the flooring will be done by the process of floor scrubbing. This process will be done with the help of a high-speed rotary machine, non-woven abrasive pads and professional hard surface cleaner concentrate solutions.
  • Buffing of the floor: After scrubbing the flooring, the buffing action will be done on the same surface with the help of another non-woven pad to ensure a shiny and fresh look of the floor.
  • Skirting and grouting cleaning: The floor cleaning team will also ensure deep cleaning of floor skirting and grouting, in case of tiles.
  • Sanitizing: The team will use biodegradable and concentrated hard surface cleaner cum sanitizer, which provides germ free protection to the surfaces cleaned.
  • Mopping: In the final stage of floor cleaning, the ultimate cleaning will be done before handing over. Dirt and residue soil will be cleaned and the floor will be handed over in a clean and tidy condition.
  • Air freshener: Of course, a spraying of high quality air freshener would be complementary when freeing up space.

What equipment and chemicals will be carried by the concrete floor cleaning service team?

Our expert scrubbing services teams are fully equipped with efficient machines and cleaning tools. These commercial scrubbing experts uses only professional grade and concentrated cleaning solutions.

The visiting team for the commercial floor cleaning service near me up to 3200 sq. ft. will be carrying:

Why regular pressure washing service of floors is necessary?
  • Deep Cleaning: Sometimes surface cleansing with a pocha is not enough and you need to clean the floor properly. This service will ensure a real deep cleaning of the floor.
  • Longer life: With regular deep cleaning of the floor, you ensure that harmful silica and other particles are removed from every corner of the area. It improves the life of valuable floors such as marble and granite.
  • Shiny floors: When the floors are cleaned with regular wet mop, the marks of mopping are visible, this is because the dust is always there in the pores of the floors. With such a deep cleaning service we ensure to remove that hidden dust through professional machine scrubbing.
  • Professional Touch: Our team carries a complete kit of machines, professional equipment and specialized and safe cleaner chemicals for every application related to floor cleansing and sanitation. Obviously these products are not used by your family and staff during routine cleaning.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Free Access: The Client must provide access into the premises, running water and electricity at the premises where the floor washing service will take place.
  • Waiting Charge: Failure to provide any of the above facilities on time is subject to extra charge of Rs. 250 for every 30 minutes.
  • No Shifting Instructions: Valuable, heavy or semi-permanent items, such as pianos, wall units, TV & Stands, side boards, book cases, filing cabinets, pot plants and wardrobes will not be removed by our staff during deep cleaning works.
  • No Handyman Work: The cleansing and sanitization team should not be requested for any handyman services like electrical or plumbing works.
  • Additional Charges: Hygienedunia reserves the right, at its discretion, to charge additional amounts where excessive items have not been removed prior to arrival and causes delays to the cleaning process.
  • Commitment: We cannot assure for 100% stain or spot removal in certain cases, however we are committed to deliver the best of the best quality performance.
  • Inspection of Work: We highly recommend for the post job inspection and approval from the client side should be done. We will not be able to entertain any claims regarding any quality issue once the staff leaves the service location.
  • Domestic Pets: The Pets and other animals are required to be secured prior to the staff entering the premises and the client accepts full liability and responsibility for any injury caused to janitor staff.

The pricing of commercial floor cleaning service near me includes GST and local freight charges and we have no hidden tariff policy.


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Commercial Floor Cleaning Service near me - upto 3200 sq.ft. by Hygienedunia
Commercial Floor Cleaning Service near me – upto 3200 sq.ft.
Original price was: ₹10,647.00.Current price is: ₹6,388.00.Save 40%