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SpringMop Acrylic Dry Mop Set MS 60cm – Blue Code

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Professional quality dry mopping & cleaning system.

SpringMop® Acrylic Dry Mop Set MS 60cm – Blue Code | The most suitable dry mops for floors for daily cleaning

Looking to reduce back pain and increase cleaning effect!

Cleaning your home or workplace is a chore and you want to spend less time cleaning so you can spend more time with your loved ones; now that you have the option of buying a SpringMop® Acrylic Wet Dry Mop 60cm while sitting at home or office, you won’t have to worry.

It is lightweight and easy to use in order to make your cleaning work easier and comfortable. Plus, it has a longer mild steel handle of 150cm for those hard-to-reach corners and minimizes the strain on your back. With long life acrylic yarn and its big and thick woven cotton yarn backing cloth, it can be used for 100 times washing cycle. The 60cm wide mopping bundle is perfect for small to medium size areas.

Get one for your property NOW!!

What is the scope of supply in this Dry Mop Set? 

This premium quality dust control mopping product includes:

  1. SpringMop® MS handle 150cm length.
  2. SpringMop® Smart folding frame; yellow code, 60cm.
  3. SpringMop® Acrylic dust control replacement head 60cm.

Ideally the 150cm mopping tool handle is bit longer for an average heighted person. But you will really feel good when you find it very handy while cleaning vertical surfaces like walls, or cleaning under sofa or beds, without bending unnecessarily and without any third person’s help or without using a ladder.

What are the key features of the SpringMop® Acrylic Dry Mop Set?

This dust control set is designed and manufactured by professional people, and all features are planned according to years of on-site experience and real user’s feedback, it is durable and economical solutions for your professional cleaning needs.

  • High quality MOC: The SpringMop® smart folding frame is made up of high-quality impact-resistant and recyclable material.
  • Durable frame: This cleaning equipment’s frame comes with black coated wires.
  • Maneuverability: The mops frame has 360º swivel attachment for maneuvering in tight areas also.
  • Top quality yarn: SpringMop® acrylic swap refill is 60cm wide and made up of premium quality royal blue acrylic yarn.
  • Washable: The acrylic cleaning mopping head is launder-able and can be used for a longer time. 
  • Made for all: Made for professional as well as DIY users.
  • Durable handle: The handle will not bend in use and it is made for long lasting durability.
  • Use everywhere: Ideal for medium areas to large areas.
  • Nicely packed: The handle and frame comes with individual poly pack.
  • Color code option: The SpringMop® frame and handle is available in HACCP color coding. The mop handle is made of mild steel which comes with color coded grip.

Application: Removes and picks up dust, hairs, micro particles, spills, stains, odor-causing bacteria, etc.

The acrylic replacement head acts like a dust magnet. It catches most of the thin particles from the surfaces with the power of it’s electrostatic charges consisting yarn. You will never feel laziness for cleaning your floors even multiple times in a day. You and your maid will really appreciate the usage of this professional quality product made for your home and office.

Areas of Usage: hardwood, wood laminates, tiles, linoleum, all kind of marbles, formica surface, painted surfaces, etc.

The dark color royal blue yarn does not look old even after using it months by months. We have designed the product and used the raw materials to last it for years not for weeks or months. We have institutional as well as domestic customers who are using this mopper since years and only buying the replacement cloth head as and when required.

The frame is made from almost unbreakable material. It will not look dull and won’t break even after using it carelessly. Your handle may look old after 6 to 9 months, because of the peeling paint particles. But still it will last for years. If required, you can buy the handle also separately, as and when required, but it is not compulsory.

Can also be used on: walls, ceiling, windows, autos, ceiling fans, air vents, etc.

How to clean the dust cleaning mop head regularly after use? 

  • It is recommended to clean your replacement head after each use.
  • To clean the mops you can used carpet brush or rinse out the mop until the water is clear.
  • Hang the mop head for drying.
  • In case of heavy sticky soil on the mop head you can use safe liquid detergent for washing. 

How to avoid cross-contamination while cleaning at home and offices?

We sincerely recommends to use separate mops for different areas and for separate applications for extended life of the products and to reduce the chances of cross-infection and recontamination. For example, it is very bad practice to apply a mopping equipment at kitchen or your bedroom which had been used at toilets. Similarly, the office area mopper should be kept separately and should not be use at toilets or kitchens.

The dirt level or soil level of toilets or a kitchen or a patient room is very different to the bedroom or workstation or reception area or drawing hall.

You can avoid cross-contamination by using color-coded products as per the following:

  • Red color – For toilets and bathroom.
  • Blue color – For general areas like rooms, hall, offices, lobby, etc.
  • Green color – For kitchen, food preparation areas, restaurant, etc.
  • Yellow color – For infected and critical areas like patient room, ICU, lift, etc.

If you are having a newly born baby or old age patients at your home then it is strictly receommended to use seperate mops only in those areas. We also recommend to use only suggested high performance household disinfectants according to the applications. You should never rely on the old fashioned colorful liquids available at local kirana shops, because they are only meant for cheap pricing. Those products are not developed considering your cleaning requirements. Those shopkeepers are just selling the liquids and mops cleaning the cheapest in that area. They do not focus on selling affordable and productive cleaners.

Considering this pandemic era, using proper professional quality and proven products suggested by expert hygiene professionals is the only guarantee to keep your houses and workplaces as safe as possible. Otherwise it will be only wastage of your money.

The pricing of dry cleaning mop set is including of GST and local delivery charges.

When comparing the price of this wet dry mop set with other available options in the market or any other online platform, you need to consider that the average weight of the MS mopper handle is 400+ gms, which is heaviest in the segment, while others are having average 225 grams only and very short in length. Our frame size is 60 cm (approximately 2 feet) wide, whereas others are promoting 40cm to 45cm width. Our dust control refill head is made from 100% acrylic yarn which is excellent for cleaning dirt and fine particles, while others are offering mixed quality yarn. You can buy is separately also whenever it is required. We guarantee that our mopper head lasts more than any other competitors product.

We do not charge anything else over the mentioned price like express shipping charges or hidden tax cost at the time of checkout. Instead we are trying to keep our pricing as transparent and as fair as possible.

1 review for SpringMop Acrylic Dry Mop Set MS 60cm – Blue Code

  1. 4 out of 5

    Manoj yadav (verified owner)

    In my opinion, it’s a little pricey for what you get, But i really like how it works.

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Dry Mop Set Dry Mops for floors
SpringMop Acrylic Dry Mop Set MS 60cm – Blue Code
539.34Save 40%