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Daily Showroom Cleaning Supplies Kit

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Professional cleaning solution for complete showroom cleaning, everyday.

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OSSOM® Showroom Cleaning Supplies Kit | Professional quality products for daily cleaning

You have worked hard to make your showrooms the best it can be. Now it’s time to keep it that way forever. We know that maintaining your showroom is not easy, but it doesn’t need to be. Introducing the first-ever showroom cleaning supplies kit to make sure you have all the tools and cleaner solutions to keep your property clean as fresh every day.

A complete Showroom Cleaning Supplies Kit includes a number of professional tools including wringer trolley, wet mop sets, microfiber dry mop, cotton duster and cleaning liquids for various cleaning applications such as floor cleaning, surface cleaning, glass cleaning, air freshener, and high quality sanitizer. This cleaners kit includes everything you need to make your showrooms shine again.

Product Description:

This Showroom Cleaning Supplies Kit contains:

  1. SpringMop® Mild Steel (MS) Handle 150 cm lengths – 1 no.
  • Made of high quality and high strength mild steel material.
  • Long MS handle to make it easy for you to access hard-to-reach areas.
  • Light weight handle which is comfortable and not tiresome for the user.
  • The handle is having ergonomic grip, Designed for improving the handling comfort.
  • This handle doesn’t bend easily like common mop handles available in the market.
  1. SpringMop® Pro Cotton Mop Refill with looped end – 350gms
  • Easy to attach and detach from the handle.
  • The looped end and stitched tail band in this mop offers great durability.
  • Export quality made of impact resistant material, 100% regenerated and twisted cotton yarn which is having better absorbency of water.
  • Unique mop refill clip is 6” wide and impact resistant.
  • Launder able and long life.
  1. SpringMop® Aluminum Handle 140 cm lengths – 1 no.
  • Made of Aluminum, a recyclable metal and considered as most environment friendly metal in the world.
  • Long aluminum handle to make it easy for you to access hard-to-reach areas.
  • Light weight handle which is comfortable and not tiresome for the user.
  • The handle is having ergonomic grip, designed for improving the handling comfort.
  • This handle doesn’t bend easily like common mop handles available in the market.
  1. SpringMop® Pro Flat Frame; 50cm – 1 no.
  • Professional quality damp mop frame made up of high-quality impact-resistant and recyclable material.
  • Long life, made to use for years, highest product life guaranteed.
  • Durable Pro Flat Frame has 360 degree swivel attachment for maneuvering in tight areas also.
  1. SpringMop® Microfiber Runner Mop with Pocket and Velcro backing – 50cm
  • Made of 100% Microfiber with Soft PP Strips Weave, Fiber Length 12 mm height
  • Nice looking White Microfiber Yarn with Blue Strips
  • High-quality Microfiber Mop is having very good dirt-carrying capacity.
  • The mop dries quickly, cleans more thoroughly than a standard mop.
  • Long life and washable – Up to 500 washing cycle.
  • The microfiber runner mop absorbs and holds 600% water of its own weight.
  • The mop dries quickly, cleans more thoroughly than a standard mop.
  1. Wringer Trolley 20 Liters with Single Bucket– 1 no.
  • Four castor wheels for easy movement on all sides.
  • You can carry fresh water or cleaning solution to the location, with ease.
  • Dip and wipe the floor with a clean mop each time and make sure there are no dirty watermarks.
  • You can now squeeze the mop with the high quality down press wringer provided on the trolley.
  • Dirty water will be collected in separate portion which can be disposed off after each cleaning.
  • So, you won’t be using dirty water as you would when wiping with a normal bucket.
  1. SpringMop® MF Hand Glove Original – Double Sided– 1 no.
  • This microfiber glove is ideal for dusting, glass cleaning, polishing, buffing, tiles washing, etc.
  • This double-sided microfiber hand glove is made of 100% white microfiber fabric.
  • The special microfiber absorbs & holds 600% water of its own weight.
  • SpringMop® Hand Glove is perfect for lint-free cleaning.
  • Our hand glove works faster than cloth duster or rugs.
  • Microfiber Glove has the best utility in housekeeping, kitchen, automobiles, etc.
  • This microfiber glove removes and picks up dust, hairs, microparticles, stains, etc.
  1. Caddy Basket– 1 no
  • To can keep and carry cleaning items like Chemical Bottles, Spray Bottles, Sponge, Microfiber Cloth, Steel Wool, Scrapper, Scrubbers, Dusters, Gloves, etc.
  • Light-weight but sturdy construction, made by 100% virgin ABS plastic.
  • Comfortable molded handle and balanced design, easy to carry.
  • 3 sections to keep your tools and chemicals in organized way
  1. SpringMop® Ergo Spray Bottle Trigger Sprayer – 1 no.
  • SpringMop® ERGO Bottle is made of virgin high-density polyethylene material (HDPE)
  • Professional design spray bottle with 600ml capacity
  • The trigger sprayer nozzle is adjustable
  • Ergonomic neck of the bottle provides a better grip
  • More durable Trigger Sprayer is having SS 304 spring.
  • Nozzle output per stroke is 0.7 ml (approx.)
  1. Check Duster – 2 nos.
  • Made of best virgin cotton material.
  • Larger than regular Check Dusters (20×20”)
  • High absorption quality ensures quick cleaning.
  • Perfect for wiping and cleaning glass and other hard surfaces.
  • Washable and long life.
  1. Floor Duster – 2 nos.
  • Made of high quality virgin cotton material.
  • Thick and Larger Size (20×20”)
  • High absorption quality ensures quick cleaning.
  • Perfect for wiping and cleaning floors and similar hard surfaces.
  • Washable and long life.
  1. Origami So Soft – 2 Ply Facial Tissue Soft Box Pack – 1 no
  • 2-ply white facial tissues made from 100% cellulose
  • Sheet size 20cm x 20cm.
  • World renowned, “So Soft facial tissues” are most gentle on the skin.
  • This box of soft and absorbent tissues can be kept on the showroom counter
  • Beautiful Box with Metallic finish packaging with 200 pulls per pack.
  1. OSSOM® S2 | Multipurpose Hard Surface Cleaner Conc. – 2L
  • High performance Floor and Hard Surface Cleaner Concentrate.
  • Incredible Floor cleaner cum disinfectant safely removes dirt, soil, grease and grime from hard surfaces and floor coverings.
  • Leaves a pleasant and long lasting fragrance after floor cleaning
  • Use according to label instructions for best performance.
  1. OSSOM® S3 | Glass Cleaner Concentrate – 2L
  • This Mirror Cleaner solution resists dust and finger marks from most surfaces.
  • This Glass Cleaner dries quickly and leaves the surface streak-free.
  • This anti-fogging glass cleaner disinfectant delays the built up of new particles over the surfaces.
  1. OSSOM® S5 Red | Aquascent Room Air Freshener – 2L
  • Water-soluble, deodorizes the area instantly after spraying and fights malodor for hours.
  • This room air freshener leaves a pleasant and long lasting scent after spraying
  1. OSSOM® D3 | QA Sanitizer – 2L
  • A QACs based sanitizer used for dip and surface disinfectant spray
  • This benzalkonium chloride solution is a cleaner, deodorizer and no-rinse sanitizer
  • This sanitizer and disinfectant concentrate also acts as a cleaner for hard, non-porous food contact surfaces such as tables, counters, food processing equipment and third sink application
  • Also suitable for deodorizing and sanitation of floors, walls, garbage storage areas, toilet bowls, school/guest room furniture, and other surfaces.

Our Recommendations for Showroom Cleaning Products Bundle:

Above kit is designed considering a standard showrooms of up to 1200 sq. ft. In case of larger properties you may procure multiple kits or buy additional tools and chemicals as per number of staff / visitors and dimension of the showroom.

Service Backup: In case of any technical issues, you may call or write us and our customer support team will promptly call back and guide you on the matter.

Online Support: We provide comfortable online support for unpacking, fitting and installation, usage of tools and liquids in form of tel-calling, video calling and video links as and when required by our esteemed customers.

Customer Satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is most important to us, whether it is smooth order place, online order confirmation, delivery time, product delivery, or after sales service; your positive feedback gives us points of encouragement and pride, great to go to the next level.

Packing: All our products are packaged in original and safe packing with all safety precautions; as per the product and as advised by the experts in the field. This reduces transit damage and reduces congestion at the last minute for replacement claims, especially during the festive season.

Shipping and Dispatch: We have a free shipping policy for all the products, as we have planned the shipping and dispatch in a completely professional and designed manner to reduce the shipping cost. We are also ready for the extra cost of shipping in the most remote areas of the country.

We have a professionally designed procedure to complete the shipping process on time, which includes receiving orders, order processing, and order fulfillment. So you do not have to worry about timely dispatch and follow-up for delivery.

To ensure the fastest delivery, we have tried and tested the dispatch system in place, which is handling our dispatch in every corner of the country.

Pricing includes GST and local freight charges and we have no hidden tariff policy.


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OSSOM® Showroom Cleaning Supplies Kit | Professional Quality Products for Daily Cleaning
Daily Showroom Cleaning Supplies Kit
5,777.00Save 40%