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Office Deep Cleaning up to 900 sq. ft. (without Carpet)

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Mechanized scrubbing & buffing of your flooring, cleaning & sanitization of walls, glasses, furniture & fixtures.

Commercial Office Cleaning Service up to 900 sq. ft. | without Carpet

The Commercial Office Cleaning Service sanitizes and cleans most of the area of your office. A simple routine cleaning at your office is not enough.

  • A deep clean at least twice a month ensures the health and safety of your workplace.
  • A deep clean from your trusted service provider helps eliminate harmful elements not seen by the naked eye.
  • These harmful elements include allergens, dust particles, mold, and even germs that have stuck to your office curtains, carpets, microwaves, and other pieces of furniture.

Commercial Office Cleaning Service includes:-

  • Office, lobby, and entranceway cleaning (clean, polish, sanitize).
  • Trash removal.
  • Lunch/Breakroom Cleaning (clean, polish, sanitize).
  • Restroom Cleaning (clean, polish, sanitize, re-fill supplies).
  • Stairways (dust, vacuum, mop).
  • Floors (sweep, vacuum, mop).
  • Preventive Maintenance (carpet and hard floor cleaning, window washing).
  • High Touch Objects/Surfaces (doorknobs, stair railings, light switch, etc.).
  • Low Dust (chair & table legs, sides of desks, cabinets).
  • High Dust (vents, lights, corners, blinds, items on walls).

Our Commercial Office Cleaning Service teams are fully equipped with efficient machines and cleaning tools. These commercial cleaning experts uses only professional grade and concentrated cleaning solutions.

Terms & conditions :-

  • The Client must provide access to the premises, running water and electricity at the premises where the service will take place. Failure to provide any of these on time is subject to an extra charge of Rs. 250 for every 30 minutes.
  • The staff should not be requested for any handyman services like electrical or plumbing works.
  • Hygienedunia reserves the right, at its discretion, to charge additional amounts where excessive items have not been removed prior to arrival and cause delays to the cleaning process.
  • We cannot assure you for 100% stain/spot removal (for certain stains/spots), but we are committed to delivering the best of the best results.
  • Post cleaning inspection and approval from the client-side will be a must. No claims regarding any quality issue will be entertained once the staff leaves the service location.
  • No refund claims will be considered once the Office Deep Cleaning Service has been carried out.
  • If the Client has equipment that is complicated to operate, the Client must provide detailed instructions to the Cleaner.


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Commercial Office Cleaning Service | Schedule for Office
Office Deep Cleaning up to 900 sq. ft. (without Carpet)
3,488.00Save 40%