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SpringMop Smart Wet Mop Set – MS150-300, Blue Code

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Fast selling smart wet mop set for home and office usage.

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Cleaning Mop with Spin and Dry MS150 | Best Wet Mop Set with MS Handle 150cm, blue code

Save your time, money, effort and more importantly your back!

Now, you’ll never dread mopping again. Get a fresh new look with our professional quality floor mopping solution.

Now you can keep your floors clean and fresh with our top-quality Smart Mopper Set! Your floors will never be dull and messy again. With our long and light weight Mild Steel handled mop, your arm will thank you. Our ergonomic grip handle will make this the most comfortable wet Mopper you have ever used while cleaning grime off of your tiles or marble floors.

Made with high quality regenerated twisted cotton thread, great absorption power and durable stitching, this wet mopping set is perfect for any home and workplace. With a fixed Mopper holder and matching colors of the handle grip, it’s the perfect choice for anyone who wants to maintain the house or office in style and without cross contamination.

Order fresh mops for your home and office NOW!!

What is the scope of supply in this Cleaning Mop with Spin and Dry Wet Mop Set? 

This high quality professional quality SpringMop Smart Wet Mopping Set includes:

  1. SpringMop MS Handle 150cm length and blue grip.
  2. SpringMop Smart Wet Mopping Refill; attached 6 inches width holder, blue code, 300gms, cut end.

What are the key features of the SpringMop® Acrylic Dry Mop Set?

This wet mop set is designed and manufactured by professional people, and all features are planned according to years of on-site experience and real user’s feedback, it is smart & economical solutions for your professional cleaning needs.

    • High Quality MOC: The Smart Cleaning Mop with Spin and Dry mopper holder is made up of high-quality impact-resistant and recyclable material.
    • Maneuverability: This Smart Mop Set is perfect for maneuvering in tight areas also.
    • Top quality Cotton yarn: SpringMop Smart Wet Refill is made of 100% regenerated, twisted cotton yarn.
    • Long-life Holder: The holder width is fixed and having 6 width for better grip.
    • Washable: The Smart Gilla Pocha is launder-able and can be used for a longer time.
    • Made for All: Made for professional as well as DIY users.
    • Durable Handle: This MS handle will not bend in use and it is made for long-lasting durability.
    • Use everywhere: Ideal for small areas to medium areas.
    • Nicely Packed: The smart cotton refill comes with an individual poly pack.
    • Color Code Option: The SpringMop® holder & handle is available in HACCP Color Coding. The Mop Handle is made of mild steel which comes with color coded grip.

Application: Suitable for Wet Mopping, Floor cleaning and Sanitizing.

Areas of Usage: Hardwood, Wood laminate, Tiles, Linoleum, Marble, Formica, Painted Surfaces, etc.

How to clean wet mop regularly after use? 

  • It is recommended to wash your wet mop properly after each use.
  • To clean the Mopper you can rinse out the mop under the Faucet until the water is clear and hang the mop to dry.
  • In case of heavy sticky soil on the mop you can use safe liquid detergent for washing.
  • You can also use wringer to squeeze the wet mopping for quick drying of the yarn.  

How to avoid cross-contamination while cleaning in homes and offices?

You can avoid cross-contamination by using color-coded products as per the following:

  • Red Color – For toilets and bathroom.
  • Blue Color – For general areas like rooms, hall, offices, lobby, etc.
  • Green Color – For kitchen, food preparation areas, restaurant, etc.
  • Yellow Color – For infected and critical areas like patient room, ICU, lift, etc.
The cleaning mop online pricing is including of GST and local delivery charges.

1 review for SpringMop Smart Wet Mop Set – MS150-300, Blue Code

  1. 4 out of 5

    Zoya Khan (verified owner)

    Although the price is a bit high, the product is overall satisfactory.

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