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Cleaning Combo Pack 3 – Toilet Cleaner and Soap

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Order combo of Powerful Toilet Cleaner and Luxury Pearly Soap and get Odonil block FREE.

Cleaning Combo Pack 3 with free gift Odonil block worth Rs. 47 | OSSOM® Powerful Toilet Cleaner and Soap

Just grab this this opportunity and celebrate the cleanliness festival!

To ensure the happiness of our customers, we regularly offer attractive discounts on most products, but now we are also offering “Icing on the Cake Offer” through Free-Gifts in conjunction with combinations like this! These complimentary gifts will not affect the regular discount of each product.

We know that if you are concerned about the cleanliness and hygiene of your surroundings, then these cleaning products are your regular need of your home and office. Especially if you have a large number of people, guests and staff in your family. So don’t run to the nearest store again and again and order these economical packs now!

This combo comes with Toilet Soap and Cleaner with free Odonil block:

  1. Ossom S6 – Powerful Toilet Disinfectant and Bowl Cleaner (2Ltrs Pack) 

  • Effective Cleaner: This acidic cleaner effectively removes calcium, lime scale, rust stains and uric acid build up from toilet bowl, urinals and other sanitary wares.
  • Kills Germs: The powerful Ossom S6 kills 99.99% of the germs from WC and Urinals.
  • Removes Old Stains: It is a powerful acidic cleaner which effectively removes stubborn stains.
  • Conquer bad odors: This is not just cleaner but it also acts as a deodorizer and removes bad odor from the washrooms effectively.
  • Thick Formulation: Ossom S6 advance toilet cleaner chemical formula adheres well to the vertical surfaces of toilets sheets and urinals due to thick Formulation.
  • No Fume: Like many other acidic cleaners, this advanced WC cleaner chemical formula does not create fumes while usage.
  • Economical: Since you are buying a refill pack, you are not paying for the applicator pack every time, just refill and use.
  1. Ossom HS2 – Luxury Pearly Soap – Toilet Soap (2Ltrs Pack) 

  • For Frequent Usage: This HS2 luxury hand soap has a balanced formula for frequent use with an extra moisturizing effect.
  • Vegan and Paraben-Free: This product is 100% vegan and paraben-free, which means they are not only safe but also eco-friendly.
  • Save Water and Time: This leather hand wash liquid rinses off quickly, which means it saves time and water every time you use it.
  • Suitability: Plastic, Ceramic or Stainless steel, this hand washing gel is suitable for all refillable soap dispensers.
  • Use anywhere: This luxury pearly soap is ideal for any environment. You can use HS2 at washrooms, kitchens, cafeteria, etc.
  • Nice Fragrance: This premium pearly liquid comes with a pleasant mild coastal flora fragrance.
  • Economical: Since you are buying a refill pack, you are not paying for the dispenser pack every time, just refill in existing and use.
  1. Odonil block (50gms) – 1 no.  (Free) 
  • Tried and Tested: World’s top brand bathroom air freshener
  • Suppress Bad Odor: Odonil removes foul smell from your bathroom.
  • Keeps Bathroom Fresh: Special scent buster of Odonil keeps the bathroom fresh and fragrant.
  • Easy to use: Convenient hanger pack, which can be hung or placed in targeted areas.
  • Standard Pack: This pack contains 1 no. Odonil air freshener (size 50gms)

Areas recommendation:

Above toilet cleaner and soap combo is designed considering standard 2/3bhk residential premises or a medium sized commercial property. In case of larger properties you may procure multiple  kits or buy additional tools and chemicals as per number of staff / visitors and dimension of the showroom.

Service Backup: In case of any technical issues, you may call or write us and our customer support team will promptly call back and guide you on the matter.

Online Support: We provide comfortable online support for unpacking, fitting and installation, usage of tools and liquids in form of tele-calling, video calling and video links as and when required by our esteemed customers.

Customer satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is most important to us, whether it is smooth order place, Online order confirmation, Delivery Time, Product Delivery, or After Sales Service; your positive feedback gives us points of encouragement and pride, great to go to the next level.

Packing: All our toilet cleaner and soap combo are packaged in original and safe packing with all safety precautions; as per the product and as advised by the experts in the field. This reduces transit damage and reduces congestion at the last minute for replacement claims, especially during the festive season.

Shipping and dispatch: We have a free shipping policy for all the products, as we have planned the shipping and dispatch in a completely professional and designed manner to reduce the shipping cost. We are also ready for the extra cost of shipping in the most remote areas of the country. We have a professionally designed procedure to complete the shipping process on time, which includes receiving orders, order processing, and order fulfillment. So you do not have to worry about timely dispatch and follow-up for delivery.

To ensure the fastest delivery, we have tried and tested the Dispatch system in place, which is handling our Dispatch in every corner of the country.

Pricing of toilet cleaner and soap includes GST and local freight charges and we have no hidden tariff policy.

1 review for Cleaning Combo Pack 3 – Toilet Cleaner and Soap

  1. 5 out of 5

    Vikas kothari (verified owner)

    Great item! It provides too many things compared to its price charged.

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Toilet Cleaner and Soap - Cleaning Combo Pack 3
Cleaning Combo Pack 3 – Toilet Cleaner and Soap
547.00Save 37%