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Bed Bugs Removal Service for Shops, Offices, Up To 300 SF

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Professional pest control service for Bed Bugs control in the commercial properties.

Bed Bugs Removal Service for Shops | Offices | Restaurant | Up To 300 square feet

Bed Bugs can enter anywhere and multiply at brisk rate!

If you think that bedbugs can only be found in the bedrooms, you are wrong! Any employee or visitor may bring these bugs in the material they bring. These bed bugs can grow rapidly and affect the productivity and image of the business drastically. Business fields such as apparel, furniture, health care, restaurants, hotels and hospitals have been found to be more vulnerable to the issue.

Internet tricks can give relief for a few days, but they are not permanent solutions as those tricks cannot eliminate bed bugs from property. Hygienedunia is the ultimate answer to this issue, we send experienced and qualified pest control experts for bed bug control of shops, offices and restaurants (up to 300 sq. ft.).

What is the risk of having bed bugs infestation in the commercial properties like shops, offices and restaurant?

Having bed bugs in a commercial property can impact you in different ways:

  • Physical Health: Bed Bugs survive on human and animal blood, and bites leave long-lasting, red and itchy spots on staff members.
  • Mental Health: Some researchers have suggested that bed bug infestation can cause sleep disturbances, anxiety, and mood swings, in some cases it reaches to panic and phobia.
  • Productivity: The itching and irritation of the skin due to bedbugs can severely hinder the productivity of employees and support. In some cases, employees may panic and become intimidated.
  • Business Image: If customers come to know about bed bugs issues, they start avoiding visiting the premises and may even stop buying products from such businesses, this also affects the image of the brand.
  • Spoil Furniture: Bedding leaves blood stains/droppings on upholstered furniture and carpets to spoil, these stains look like marker spots and are difficult to clean.
  • Bad Odor: Bedbugs release odor called “alarm pheromones” to warn each other about the risk of disturbance, which can spoil the environment of your property.

When should we plan to call in an expert for bed bugs removal service?

You have to go for professional bed bugs infestation control when you see any of following symptoms:

  • Dark Stains: Small, dark spots rusty or reddish stains on your furniture, carpet, bed sheets or mattresses.
  • Hatched Eggs: Insect eggs and empty egg cases and live bed bugs visible in cracks and gaps of bedroom furniture. If we talk about lifespan, they can reach at adulthood within 40 days of hatch.
  • Effected Skin: Red welts or swollen marks on the skin of your family or staff members, where skin comes in contact with bed. Itching in the morning and regular itching during the day on the red welts.

TIPS: If you suspect a bedbug infestation, do not take things out of the bedroom or infested area. Do not place clothing lines of that area to anywhere else, as this will spread the infestation to other rooms/areas as well.

What is the process of Bed Bugs infestation Control Service?

If bed bugs are installed in your home, they can be very difficult to eliminate without professi onal help, because they are very small, breed fast, and can hide in the smallest of places. In winter, they invade your homes and workplace in search of warmth and multiply rapidly.

Lot of time and patience is key to control bed bugs. We start with Spray by high pressure pump in wooden item, bed, sofa, wardrobe, etc. with suitable chemical.

We also treat bedding, mattresses and pillows to ensure maximum impact. The repetition of the services can be provided from 2 to 3 times as per requirement.

Chemicals to be used for Bed Bugs Control Up to 300 Sq. Ft.:

  • Bayer, FMC or Similar Branded and Odorless Chemicals.

Tools and Equipment to be used for Bed Bugs Removal Service:

  • Chemical Spray Gun, Syringe Plunger sets, Flashlight etc.


  • PPE Kit / Mask / Gloves as per requirement. We follow the norms of all compulsory safety precautions.

Time Schedule:

  • Bed bugs Pest Control Service required 1 hour to 4 hours, depending upon the number of rooms and furniture. When it’s about the schedule, we always try to honor the priority of the customers.


  • One to Two people of our team will be visiting to provide the services. We ensure highly experienced and trained staff is deployed.

Pricing & Scope:

  • Our Scope of work & pricing is transparent in all the professional bed bugs infestation control service.


  • Warranty for Bed Bugs Complete Pest Control Service is 3 months; we don’t hesitate to provide repetition of services if required, within the warranty period.

Following safety measures should be taken care before the commencement of pest control treatment:

  • First of all, open all the window curtains and tightly close the windows.
  • Take out all the clothes & bed which is meant for babies.
  • Avoid eating or drinking while the pest control treatment is being carried out.
  • Children’s toys should be secured or removed from areas to be treated.

Post-treatment safety measures to be taken care of:

  • Keep your food items in sealed plastic containers or glass containers.
  • Throw away the leftovers like food, open water, etc. which came in contact during the pest control treatment.
  • Keep away the pets and children away from areas where pesticides have been applied.

Terms & Conditions for bed bugs infestation control service:

  1. Do not allow children or pets into treated areas until the pesticide spray has dried.
  2. The aquarium should be removed from the treatment site or covered with heavy plastic and turned off the air pump.
  3. Remove all other household pets from the treatment area.
  4. The Pets and other animals are required to be secured prior to the staff entering the premises and the client accepts full liability and responsibility for any injury caused to cleaning staff.
  5. The Bed Bugs Pest Control Service team will not responsible for any alarms triggered during pest control treatment. The Client must provide the team with full instructions for disabling and/or resetting any alarm systems on the premises.
  6. Remove personal items from the floor, remove pets & empty kitchen cabinets.
  7. An extra charge of Rs. 250 for every 30 minutes will be levied if the service gets delay due to hurdles created by objects.
  8. Hygienedunia reserves the right, at its discretion, to charge additional amount where excessive items have not been removed prior to arrival of service team and causes delays to the pest control process.
  9. We highly recommend for the post cleaning inspection and approval from the client side should be done. We will not be able to entertain any claims regarding any quality issue once the staff leaves the service location.
  10. Our Bed Bugs Complete Pest Control Service team shall not be responsible if any damage caused during the treatment process.

Bed bugs removal service cost includes taxes, material and manpower cost.

(This is One-time cost for 01 Control Service only)


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Bed bugs removal service
Bed Bugs Removal Service for Shops, Offices, Up To 300 SF
Original price was: ₹2,885.00.Current price is: ₹1,731.00.Save 40%