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Air Curtain Horizontal Air-In Centrifugal Type – Défense 900

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Sleek design, metallic body air curtain for door openings with magnetic sensors.


Application: To maintain temperature and restrict the ingress of dust and pollutants

Width: 900 mm

Power: 450 W

Air Velocity (m/sec): Hi:21 | Low:16

Air Flow: 1520 m3/hr

No. of Blowers: 3 (Three)

No. of Motors: 2 (1 Single Shaft, 1 Dual Shaft)

Noise (dBA): Hi/Low | 68/62

Motor Tested for: 5000 hrs continuous run

Dimension: 900 x 230 x 212 mm

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Défense 900 Horizontal Air-In centrifugal type Air Curtain

3 feet wide Door Curtains Online| Magnetic Sensors cost included | Motor tested for 5000 hours continues run.

What is an Air curtain?

This OSSOM® Défense Air Curtain is a fan-driven device that generates a high velocity air jet stream by throwing air downwards to form an invisible barrier between two different areas.

In common parlance you can say that it is a curtain of air which is created to separate and protect a particular area, it is an advanced replacement of plastic sheet or other types of curtains and doors. This 900 mm (approximately 3 ft. wide) air curtain can be installed at the main entrance or between rooms, or entrance of office, shops, or storage areas to maintain temperatures and safety from dust & fumes, Insects, airborne virus, contamination, and odors etc.

How OSSOM® Défense Door Curtain works so efficiently?

It has centrifugal type forward bending blade wheel construction, equipped with efficient vault design, which provides capability for best results. This type of wheel is highly efficient, low noise and with large air volume (air speed up to 21 m/s).

When the motor temperature rises above 145C, the power supply is automatically cut off and the motor starts automatically when the temperature drops. Automatic magnetic sensor is provided to automatically activate the door curtain whenever the door is opened.

Where to install an air curtain?

For all above reasons Door Air Curtains were installed by Pharmaceuticals and Food Plants for ages, but now it is becoming part of every manufacturing unit, commercial buildings and showrooms for safety against Airborne Viruses and Pollutants. An air curtain is better option comparative to a physical plastic strip curtain or door as people, material carts, forklifts and similar machines can move without a reduced visibility and hindrances

What are the Benefits of Installing Door Curtain?

At home, office or any other workplace, safety from airborne dust and pollution is always on the list of concern. This air curtain can help you deal with such issues. By installing air curtains at the entrance of the houses, you will get many more benefits,

  1. Atmospheric advantages of installing a Door Curtain
  • Maintain temperature
  • Helps maintaining working atmosphere
  • Minimize ingress of dust particles
  • Barrier against flying insects
  • Reduce the entrance of airborne viruses
  • Safety wall between two areas for contamination
  • Protects from fumes and odors
  • Maintain health and hygiene
  1. Commercial advantages of installing an Air Curtain
  • Comfortable for staff and customers
  • Better visibility of the stores and shop display
  • An open door effect, which increase the chances of better walk-ins
  • Zero wastage of ground space for glass doors
  • Easy access for the people having babies in strollers and differently-able people on wheel chairs
  1. Energy related advantages of installing a Door Curtain
  • Minimize the energy loss from air conditioned rooms and reduce cooling cost up to 80%
  • Positively impact the running cost or the unit
  • Effectively reduces the CO2emission
  1. Safety related advantages of installing an Air Curtain
  •  Since no doors or physical barrier improve the visibility and reduce accidents
  • Easy evacuation in case of fire, earthquake or other emergencies
  • In case of cold rooms, this process reduces the dry-out mist and minimizes slippery flooring.

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What are the key features of the OSSOM® Défense Air Curtain?

  • All metallic casing
  • Fire resistance
  • Compact constructions
  • Automatic magnetic sensor
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Convenient to install and dismantle
  • Sleekest available door curtain in the world
  • Single switch operation to control the speed
  • Rugged design of the motor tested for 5000 hrs continues run
  • Multiple options of dimensions as per site requirement

Technical Details:

  • Width: 900 mm
  • Power: 450W
  • Air Velocity (m/s) Hi/Low:21/16
  • Airflow (m3/hr):1520
  • Noise (dBA) Hi/Low: 68/62
  • Dimension (mm): 900 x 230 x 212
  • Blowers: 3 (Three)
  • Motors: 2 (1 Single Shaft, 1 Dual Shaft)

Air curtains are useful for, Offices, Stores, Shops, Restaurants, Banquet Halls, Hotels, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Schools, Coaching Centers, Colleges, Temples, Mosques, Food Processing Units, Clean Rooms, Loading Docks, Warehouses, Cold Storage, Public Facilities, Government Institutes, etc.

Warranty: Standard warranty of 12 months from the date of invoice to the original purchase of the door curtains online for repair or replacement of the product or any defective part provided that the product is used in accordance of the user guide.

Exclusions: The warranty does not cover consumable parts, damages due to mishandling / accident or alteration at the site.

Service Backup: In case of any technical issues, you may call or write us and our customer support team will promptly call back and guide you on the matter.

Online Support: We provide comfortable online support for unpacking, installation, usage and general maintenance in form of tel-calling, video calling and video links as and when required by our esteemed customers.

Spares and accessories: We stock ample spares, consumables and accessories of the products and machines depending on the population of the machine and location. We keep the inventory of spares stocks at our centralized warehouses and dealers stock. We can provide the same from our Service Warehouses on request from the customers. Our backup team guides and supports the customer in such cases.

Customer satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is most important to us, whether it is smooth order place, online order confirmation, delivery time, product delivery, or after sales service; your positive feedback gives us points of encouragement and pride, great to go to the next level.

Packing: All our products are packaged in original and safe packing with all safety precautions; as per the product and as advised by the experts in the field. This reduces transit damage and reduces congestion at the last minute for replacement claims, especially during the festive season.

Shipping and dispatch: We have a free shipping policy for all the products, as we have planned the shipping and dispatch in a completely professional and designed manner to reduce the shipping cost. We are also ready for the extra cost of shipping in the most remote areas of the country.

We have a professionally designed procedure to complete the shipping process on time, which includes receiving orders, order processing, and order fulfillment. So you do not have to worry about timely dispatch and follow-up for delivery.

To ensure the fastest delivery, we have tried and tested the dispatch system in place, which is handling our dispatch in every corner of the country.

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Pricing includes GST and local freight charges and we have no hidden tariff policy.

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Dimensions 6228678 cm

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air curtain horizontal air in centrifugal type défense 900
Air Curtain Horizontal Air-In Centrifugal Type – Défense 900
15,101.00Save 40%