Automatic Dispensers

Hand washing, sanitizing, and health cleaning around us have multiplied over 10 times in recent months.

Now, you will see paddle-based sanitizer dispensers and temporary soap dispensers placed in front of all commercial and residential buildings, but when it comes to the esthetic feel of your building you search for good quality and sleek products.

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We are sure that your search ends now at Hygienedunia, as we presents the collection of SS – ABS Automatic Soap, Foam and Sanitizer Dispensers. These Touch Free Dispensers are manufactured as per International Standards and have all the features of Stainless Steel and ABS Dispensers.

But you need to make sure that the dispensers should never remain empty after installation and ensure that the user does not struggle or hit the dispenser especially devices without sensors, leading to damage to the internal parts of the appliance.

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