Ossom Hand Dryer Warranty Terms – Hygienedunia Advisory

Our proven range of products has been tried and approved by various corporate groups in India.

These models have been used for several years in a variety of properties under normal to difficult conditions, but still when you are choosing the appropriate model for your premises today, we recommend choosing the product sensibly and using the same appropriately, to avoid pains and discrepancies at later stages.

Please note the following points in order to entertain the standard Hand Dryer Warranty conditions for the product supplied by us:

Usage and Traffic

When choosing a model, always select a hand dryer appropriate for the number of people (traffic) using the machine, especially during peak hours. If you have lower traffic right now, which is expected to increase in the future; make a provision to increase the number of machines in the future budget. It will help to split the traffic into multiple machines.

Cleaning and Care

Do not use a damp cloth, harsh chemicals, and hard brush/scotch-brite/steel wool, etc., on the sensor of hand dryers during the cleaning process, which may reduce the performance of the sensor and the machine.

Electrical Supply

In the case of automatic hand dryers you should ensure that proper wiring is done to protect the electrical parts of the appliance, we recommend 4 mm copper wire at the point of installation. We also suggest an MCB connected to the line where a hand dryer is installed to prevent damage in case of short-circuiting or any other electrical failure.

Water Ingress

Avoid washing appliances and walls around hand dryers. Water ingress can seriously damage electrical components and such accidents can cost you dearly.

Repair and Servicing

We have a proper system of online support for any breakdown of the machine supplied by us. Please ensure that the machine is not opened or repaired by a novice, which may aggravate the problem and void the Hand Dryer Warranty.

Dust-free Environment

Please ensure that the installation area is free from dust, as excess dust will accumulate on the key parts of the hand dryer such as the blower and heater which may make the hand dryer non-functional.

Unusual Usage

Please train staff and children about the proper use of hand dryers. Never use it for other applications like drying articles of clothing, drying hair in rainy weather etc., which may cause damage to the machine and void the warranty.

Body Parts

Any physical damage is not covered under warranty, however, broken parts can be supplied on demand subject to availability in our stock.

Online Customer Service

In case of any technical problem first contact our customer service via mail or phone, our technical team will assist you with questions as soon as possible.

Once again we would like to confirm that we look forward to the seamless and unquestionable relationship with our esteemed clients for hand dryer warranty and need your support to choose the most suitable product appropriately and wisely.

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