SpringMop® PRO AluGreen Handle (with 2 holes) Red Code

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PRO AluGreen Handle

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Aluminium is the most environmental friendly metal can be reused for the same purposes over and over again. Aluminium can be recycled indefinitely and is also the most cost effective material to recycle. Hence it should also be  called The Green Metal. That is why we named our product as “AluGreen” Handle.

* Made for professional use and long lasting durability

* Comes with a hole accommodates most of the product available in the market

* The 150 cm length makes it favorite for users of different height range

* Handel will not bend in use

* Quickly attaches to all SpringMop frames,holder & wiper

* Smart & economical solution for Professional cleaning needs

* Also available in the length of 130 cm & 140

* Color customization option also available

* Available In HACCP Color Coding for the areas where hygiene and safety are critical. To avoid cross contamination,

Use: Red  For Public Toilets  Blue  For Guest Room Toilets  Green  For Toilets In Food Areas  Yellow   For Special Areas.


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