SpringMop® ERGO Spray Bottle Trigger Sprayer; Blue Trigger

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ERGO Spray Bottle Trigger Sprayer; Blue Trigger

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* Portable   * Ergonomic Design    * Professional Quality

* High quality 600ml professional spray bottle with adjustable trigger sprayer nozzle.

* SpringMop ERGO Bottle is made of high density polyethylene.

* Ergonomic neck of bottle provides better grip.

* Trigger nozzle are made of food grade plastic.

* SS 304 spring used in Trigger Sprayer.

* Nozzle output per stroke – 0.7 ml (approx.)

* Nozzle functions – SPRAY, OFF, STREAM, OFF

* SpringMop ERGO Bottle is available in – Milky White or Translucent

* Leak proof, smart and economical solution for your cleaning needs.

* Available in HACCP Color coded Triggers for the areas where hygiene and safety are critical

Red  For Public Toilets  Blue  For Guest Room Toilets  Green  For Toilets In Food Areas  Yellow   For Special Areas.


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