ABS Hand Dryers

Just get rid of the old unhealthy process of cleaning your hands with a towel. Instead, use the more efficient ABS Hand Dryer to dry your hands faster and easier. As you are aware, Viruses and bacteria spread very quickly today, so safety and cleanliness need to be monitored closely. Wash and dry your hands thoroughly and regularly to keep your hands biologically free.

Just like Hand washing, proper drying of the hand is often very important as all germs and bacteria in the body cling to your hands, which can be very harmful to your body’s functioning. That is why it is very important to keep hands clean and free of infections.

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This range of our product has always been used in hospitals, hotels, restaurants, businesses and commercial premises. Thanks to several advantages, it is now being installed in private bathrooms as well. The product works on electricity and has a sensor that detects your hands and starts working.


We are presenting various kinds of ABS hand driers you can opt from. You can consider the following points while choosing the perfect Hand Drier for your property:

  • Type of property (see recommendations)
  • Size of the washroom (see sizes of the machines)
  • Number of person using the machine (see recommendations)
  • Design of the hand drier (refer pictures of the product)
  • Matching Color and pattern (refer pictures of the product)

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