General Purpose Cleaning

Really Love keeping your surroundings spanking new!

Cleaning and Maintaining the house or workplace and keeping it in mint condition is a big task. But you can make it easier with this OSSOM® EnviroCHEM® range of General purpose cleaning solutions, which contains All-purpose cleaner, Floor Cleaners, Furniture Cleaner, Glass and Surface Cleaner, and Stainless Steel Cleaner, and even Household Disinfectants to keep your surroundings clean and safe.

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The low dilution level, FDA-approved ingredients, and careful selection of raw materials are making this range a popular choice as daily cleaning chemicals across India. All these cleaners are VEGAN and fall under the GREEN CLEANERS category and most suitable examples of environment-friendly performance chemicals.

Now you have a choice of convenient and economical 2-liter and 5-liter packs as per your monthly requirement at home or workplace.

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