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How did I get rid of Cockroaches?

Just try to imagine this situation:

“you have prepared a unique dish for your guests and while serving you find a cockroach in the serving bowl”.

A cockroach in the serving bowl

Yeah, it’s highly humiliating

and I will never ever wish something like this ever happen to you, but a simple insect like cockroach can spoil whole hospitality and your beautiful evening.

Pest control never comes top of our priority, until it becomes a life-threatening issue..

Not only you, but even I also faced serious issues of cockroaches in my house, initially ignored it and they made my life miserable within a few months.

They entered every possible corner of my kitchen and storage areas and corroded several critical edibles during the lock-down period.

My wife tried domestic tricks to get rid of them, one of those was using the cockroach chalk but all of it seemed like a futile effort.

Though cockroaches are night crawling pests, they now started moving around in the broad daylight.

This was the clear indication that the population of the pest is beyond my imagination.

Another incident that occured during that period

“My microwave oven which was fully functional started making an unusual sound and stopped working within a few days.”

When we called the electrician for repairs and he opened the microwave, we were shocked to see an entire colony of cockroaches inside the microwave oven; the electronic panel was completely damaged and we had to spend a handsome amount to repair it.

At that juncture, we thought that enough is enough and we need to call a professional pest control agency as soon as possible.

Though 1 or 2 pest control people were regular service providers in our residential society but I was never convinced with their approach, and feed back of their existing customers was also not satisfying. A neighbor of mine told me that they are spraying unbranded smelly agricultural chemicals in the houses, after which it becomes impossible to sleep in the house.

I thought I should look for some professional companies to search the prices and compare the online ratings of some known firms. But the rating of the known handyman service provider of India was shockingly poor and in the feedbacks, people found complaining about the unprofessional approach and lack of knowledge and to be very fair I have not found a single “Clap” in the comment section.

Pest Control Services at Hygienedunia
Pest Control Services at Hygienedunia

This made me more worried as you can’t take risks in case of pest control chemicals when you have kids and pets in the house.

During the search I found a company named Hygienedunia which is providing online Cleaning Services and Pest Control Services through local teams at acceptable prices; by seeing the detailed and transparent way of their site I thought that it’s worth giving them a chance.

As soon as I signed up to the site, I started getting reward points which were increased immediately after placing the order. The service was done next day as per my desired schedule and the team sent by them was trained and equipped with safety gloves, gloves, and PPE kit, etc.

It was a sigh of relief after noticing that the chemicals used by them were branded (from Bayer) and odorless. It was a big learning for us and we have decided to try the deep cleaning services from this professional company within the next few days. And why not, now we also have redeem-points to avail a discount.

Infact, this whole episode taught me that a small insect can make your life miserable and a professional attitude towards such an issue is always appropriate.

Pest Control PPE Kit safety
Pest Control Service in PPE Kit

How did I get rid of cockroaches?

Ready to get started!

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