About us

About Us

Challenging status quo always needs a fresh & bold approach; continuous & relentless efforts are called for to derive extraordinary results.

At Hygienedunia we strive every day for a better tomorrow for our customers and society at large by constantly developing in-house innovative, simple yet economic solutions to everyday cleaning & hygiene problems.
Hygienedunia presents the range of in-house manufactured high quality and affordable cleaning mops and various janitorial tools & complete range of professional cleaning chemical solutions. Long presence in industry forefront at grassroots level has provided the much required insight and leverage to team Hygiene Dunia in developing product solutions that helps the customers solve every related problem.

Our product solutions has far reaching and deep impact in making lives healthier! Our products has wide range of application segments, to name a few Hospitality, Healthcare, Industries, Malls & Multiplexes, Restaurants, Education and many more. Product training (on the job & off the job) is a vital element for a successful application and resolution of cleaning problems. We at Hygienedunia understand this and are committed to provide the same to our esteemed clients and channel partners alike

Why Us?

Every product solution developed at Hygienedunia is driven on 3 pillars of our vision:


We are redefining product performance standards by developing solutions that performance consistently perform exceeding set standard expectation levels of the current market.


Paramount consideration has gone in developing product solutions that continuously enhances basic standards of personnel health parameters at all working levels. Hygienedunia committed to create a safer and healthier workplace& homes.


Nature is a great leveler! There is an urgent need to for all of us to understand its distress signals today than ever before and at Hygienedunia we are responding through responsibly developing all our products for effective yet environmentally sustainable solutions for our customers and society in accordance to the best industrial practices under ISO14001 – 2004 standards.

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